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I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. This season is all about Jesus, so today I’m going to tell you about 5 must have apps for Christians. Reading God’s Word is a great thing for moms to do as me time too! God gives such peace and love in your heart and world! I hope you love them just as much as I do. Each app is available for download on the Google Play Store and the App store.

Bible App from YouVersion

The first must have app for Christians is the YouVersion app. I have had this app for many years. I love that Life Church, the people working on and funding the app, has been working non-stop to have the Bible translated to many, many other languages. They are following Jesus’ commands by going forth and spreading the gospel to every person possible. It is free, allowing everyone to have the app and learn the gospel of Jesus Christ!

There are many versions of the Bible to choose from including KJV, NKJV, NIV, ASV, ESV, NLT, and many more. A total of 1,400 versions, in more than 1,000 languages. Your preferred version can be downloaded so that you will have access to it, even when you are offline. You also have the ability to see different versions of a verse to compare the translations. You can add bookmarks, notes, comments that you can refer back to later.

Another great thing about this Bible app is that you can listen to the Word. I listen to it when I am walking a local bridge, about a four mile walk. It allows me to be in the Word of the Lord, while trying to be healthy. This is great! You can listen while doing all of the million things that normally would keep you from delving into studies. It is also great for older people with failing eyes. Download it for your parents or grandparents. They will love it.

There are so many devotionals that are included in the app. I have done over a hundred. The past two years I did a Bible in a year devotion. It’s amazing that you can read the same passages at different times and God has a whole new meaning waiting for you. My family uses Bible app at dinner. We sit at the table during dinner and read family devotionals. They have couple devotionals, some for men, for women, for children, and for seasons. Now you can read through the devotionals with friends. You read through each day as normal, then you can discuss and point out things that you find interesting together.

Each day there is a verse of the day with an image. You can share to social media, change up the image to suit your tastes. Added to that verse of the day, there is a prayer, thoughts from known Christians (writers, gospel singers, etc), reflect, daily devotional; this is the daily story, as they title it. They’ve recently added a prayer portion. You can write your prayers then mark them when God answers. Need a place to keep the prayer requests at church? Here you go.

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Blue Letter Bible

You may have heard of the Blue Letter Bible physical book and the website. This is a great app which allows you to get deep into the study of the Word of God.

You will have access to fifteen versions of the Bible, along with commentaries on the verses. Just like in the physical book of the same title, Blue Letter Bible, you can use the Greek and Hebrew lexicon to dive into word studies to better understand the scriptures. I love this feature! It is so enlightening when you have a handle on what the author was actually saying in their time and meaning that I can align with today.

It also has a parallel reader to allow you to read more than one version on your screen at a time. You can highlight, tag your favorite verses, and do word searches. Take notes and then organize those notes into notebooks. This handy for me because I find myself highlighting things in other apps, then wondering why I highlighted in that particular color.

In the app you have the ability to set up a daily reading plan. You have the choice of reading the Bible in one year or two, but the options are fantastic! There is a blended plan to read the Bible in a year while reading from two different books each day. A plan to read from Genesis to Revelation in one year, and the same plan in two years where you would only be reading five days a week. Next is the chronological plan in a year. You will be reading the books in the historical order in which they were written (brilliant!!!). In the historical plan in a year you read the Old Testament as they were written (much like the Torah, from Law to Prophets to Writings) and the New Testament in the order that they were written (to the best of scholars knowledge).

This app is a great way to truly get into the Word and study. Even if you are a beginner to studying you will learn so much. It has helped me to learn to study deeply. I think you will LOVE it.

Logos Bible App

This app is designed for studying the Bible in depth. You have access to a variety of translations as well as many other books written for studying.

Tabs can be left open within the app which will allow you to go back and forth between the Bible version to version as well as have commentaries open too. You have access to 95 books like DIY Bible Study, devotionals, The Lexham Bible Dictionary, and the Faithlife Study Bible. I love reading, and having access to all of these books is great!

Like the other apps, you can take notes, bookmark passages, and highlight scriptures. You can get detailed reports through commentaries, and by cross-referencing dictionaries and lexicons. I have about seven tabs open at all times. Listen to the audio version of your favorite translation on this app as well.

There is a search bar that helps you find any mention of a word, person, place etc in the Bible or other commentaries. You can find a Bible reading plan that fits your time restrictions and lifestyle. Every Christian knows that being in the Word daily changes the way you respond to things going on in your life. The enemy loves us not being engaged in a thoughtful way with Jesus. Hiding the Word in our heart brings us closer to God and further from the devil.

One of the reasons I chose this as one of the must have apps for Christians is the ability to scan your church bulletin when you get to church Sunday morning! Take a picture of the bulletin using the reference scanner in the app and it will automatically open to your favorite translation of the Bible verses listed. You will be ready with your digital Bible open before your worship songs even begin. How great is that?!

Remember Me

Remember Me app logo, the 4th of the 5 must have apps for Christians

The next of the must have apps for Christians is a Bible memory verse tool. Remember Me has been updated recently to allow you to choose which translation of the scripture you want to memorize. That has made this app so useful! Before you could only use the King James version of the Bible. You could only use other versions by purchasing them for $9.99 a piece. I love being able to choose which translation to learn, or to learn many translations of the same scripture.

You can open the Bible in the app and choose what verses you would like to memorize. For example, John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” You can go over the verse several times and ways. To begin the app will give you several words to choose from like “Son, word, the, at” and you choose from them eventually spelling out the entire verse. You progress from there by the app giving you the first letter of each word in the verse like F___ G___ s___. You then write out the whole verse like this, and the final way is for you to write out the entire verse without any prompts.

Once you have committed the verse to memory, the app helps you to retain them by asking you to write them out in the way you like best, like the ways above that you learned them. The verses will rotate daily so that you go over all of the verses memorized at least one time each week. The app also keeps score of your memorization so you can see if you’ve done better or worse over time. You can synchronize the app with the website so you don’t lose any progress.

The Chosen- the Final of the 5 Must Have Apps for Christians

The Chosen app logo showing you how to download it and a picture of the stars of the show. This is one of the 5 must have apps for Christians.

The Chosen app is not exactly an app. It is the first ever television series about the life of Jesus. It’s an amazing show. It is completely crowd funded! They are working on season 2 right now. In the app you can donate money which goes completely to the making of the show.

The series is about what Jesus’ daily life could have been like. I think it makes it easier for people to connect with Jesus as a person, not some far off deity who has no clue what being a human means and feels like. I hope and believe it will win many to Christ, so if you can, donate.

Through the app you can sling the show from your phone to the big screen in your bedroom or living room. So great! You can leave your phone on the charger at your bedside without interrupting the show!

I hope you will be able to use a few of the 5 must have apps for Christians presented in this post.

I love and use them daily. They help you delve into God’s Word whenever you have a spare minute. It helps me to feel that what I am doing is less like a chore and more like something I look forward to doing.

Thank you for reading about these must have apps for Christians, dear friends. Please like and share on your social media and forward to those who would love to have the Bible on hand at all times and those who want to delve further into the Word of God. Let me know about any other apps that you love in the comments below. I would love to expand this list and create another post with more must have apps for Christians!

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