Bible Reading Log- Free Printable!

Today I am so happy to share a free printable Bible reading log with you! I put so much work into this, and this is something that most people charge for. But I really want to bless you, so I am giving it to you for free! Just download and print using the button below.

Old Way of Logging Readings

Over the past few years I read several different Bible in a year plans, but this year I’ve just been reading whatever I feel led to. With the plans, I knew what books I had read because the plan kept up with it for me. This year, that wasn’t the case. I needed a way to keep up with what I had read, so I was keeping a list on a piece of paper. That way I’d know what I have left to read. I wrote down the books then the chapters that I finished next to it.

Most of you probably don’t always read straight through an entire Bible book, or even read the chapters in order. I don’t either, so sometimes I would write another book too close to the one above and run out of room to write more chapters. Or as I added the chapters, I couldn’t tell at a glance if I’d finished that book or not, especially in a longer book like the Psalms. I’d be going through the list like, “Ok here’s 1….. oooh there’s chapter 2 five lines down, 3….” Then you get almost through searching and say, “Oh wait, did I see chapter 125?”

Picture of me holding my old handwritten Bible reading log.
Me saying, “NO!” This was not the way to go for me! Ignore my barely any makeup & workout clothes please!

So as you can see, it wasn’t the best system, and I wanted something easier to check at a glance. I also wanted something that would be quick to do because there were so many times that I didn’t write down what I had read at all because I didn’t have time.

Perfect Bible Reading Log

So here is my solution! I’ve created a free printable that has six pages of a Bible reading log containing all of the books of the Bible. Next to each book is a circle for each chapter. You can simply bubble them in as you finish reading them.

Click the Download Button to Download & Print

Once you print your log, you can either use a hole punch and keep it in a binder or slip it into a folder. That will help you keep up with it, and keep it nice and smooth and unstained. If you’re like me, you’re bound to crease it up somehow! This makes it easier take on the go so that you can go ahead and cross off any chapters you read while you’re out.

I hope that you will get lots of use out of your Bible reading log! Please share this with your friends, family, and your church! I would very much appreciate it if you send them to this post to print their own copy. When they visit the site themselves it helps me to keep this printable free for you. It also allows me to make more of them for you! I have a few more in the works!

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