Shamrock Garland for St. Patrick’s Day

Valentine’s Day is over which means it’s time to add a little luck to your home decor with some St. Patrick’s Day decorations. Last year was the first time I created and added some to my home because I’ve never wanted tacky bright green pieces sitting out in my house. Today I’m going to show you how to make a farmhouse style St. Patrick’s Day shamrock garland that’s very simple and far from tacky.

It’s time for our first Creative Craft Hop of the year! If you’re coming over from our host, Sara from Birdz of a Feather, welcome. Her tutorial for removing rust from metal will definitely come in handy at some point, won’t it?! Stick around after this post where I’ll send you to the next stop of today’s hop. You’re going to want to check out all of the projects shared by the talented ladies in our group!

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Garland Supplies:

Supplies for a St. Patrick's Day garland: cardboard shamrock, moss green yarn, twine, burlap, and scissors.

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Print & cut the shamrock template.

What’s so great about this St. Patrick’s Day garland is that you probably have everything you need to make it. If you don’t, you can buy what you need for $2.50! Amazing price for home decor, right?!

Begin by downloading and printing this shamrock template. The shamrock is 3″, and the image was designed to print on regular 8.5×11 paper.

Use scissors to cut it out.

Cutting out the shamrock template on paper.

Trace the shamrock on cardboard.

You don’t have to go out and buy new cardboard for this St. Patrick’s Day garland. For mine I used pieces of scrap cardboard that came from Amazon boxes that I had previously cut pieces from. You could even use cardboard from food packaging that you were going to just throw away. See? I told you this was a super affordable project!

Lay the shamrock onto a piece of cardboard and trace around it.

Tracing a paper shamrock on cardboard.

Next, cut out the cardboard shamrock. It’s a bit tough to hold the paper shamrock down and trace it without moving it slightly, so after you cut the first one out you can just trace it for the others.

Cutting a shamrock out of cardboard.

Trace and cut out nine shamrocks. I hung mine across a 12′ window, and nine worked well with a bow at each end of the St. Patrick’s Day garland. You may need to adjust the number you need for the space that you’re hanging it.

Wrap the shamrocks with yarn.

I made a large yarn heart for my tabletop Valentine’s decoration, and I found that I really liked the look of it with my decor. So I wanted to continue that with the few pieces of St. Patrick’s Day decorations that I put out. This shamrock garland gave me the opportunity to do that.

I used both yarn and twine for this project, but feel free to use all yarn or all twine and to mix the colors to fit your decor. I tried white chenille yarn on a few shamrocks and regular white yarn. The chenille was too big, and I just didn’t think the white looked good. The white yarn I had was old, so that could be why. That’s why I opted for twine instead. It’s much more farmhouse chic like that anyway!

Glue the end of the yarn (or twine) to the cardboard shamrock. For some of mine I started at the stem and some I started in the middle. Whatever you prefer works.

Begin wrapping the shamrock with yarn.

Wrapping moss green yarn around a cardboard shamrock to attach to the St. Patrick's Day garland.

Continue wrapping until you’re happy with the amount of coverage and thickness, then cut the yarn and glue the end in place. Somehow, I managed to not get a picture of finishing up the moss green shamrock, so this twine one will do for an end photo, ha! You can see the full process in the video tutorial at the end of the post.

Wrapping a cardboard shamrock with twine to add to the St. Patrick's Day garland.

I wrapped five shamrocks in the moss green yarn and four with twine so that I could start and end the St. Patrick’s Day garland with a green shamrock.

Make burlap bows for each end of the shamrock garland.

Lately I’ve been trying to use up supplies from my craft stash because it’s ridiculously huge. I had a piece of burlap in there, so I thought that would be perfect to add to the St. Patrick’s Day garland. You could use burlap, ribbon, or even make tassels from yarn or twine.

The pieces or burlap weren’t that long, so I cut it down the center to be able to make two bows. Make a simple two loop bow and secure it in the center with a piece of pipe cleaner or floral wire. Leave the wire long enough to use it to attach the bow to the garland.

String the shamrocks onto the St. Patrick’s Day garland.

When you have all of your shamrocks ready to go, string them all on twine. I found it easier to string the shamrocks on the twine after they were completely wrapped than to wrap them while they were on the twine. Just push the twine through a few rounds of yarn at the top on the back of the shamrocks. Move them around until you’re happy with the spacing. You can always move them more once the garland is hung.

Placing a green yarn wrapped shamrock on the twine St. Patrick's Day garland.

Attach a bow to each end of the garland. I left about 6″-8″ between each shamrock and the last shamrocks and the bows.

Attaching a bow to the end of the St. Patrick's Day garland with a pipe cleaner.

Leave at least 12″ on each end of the shamrock garland to hang it from, then cut off the excess.

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Garland Video Tutorial

Here’s a quick video tutorial. If you need to see anything more closely, you can slow the speed with the buttons.

Your shamrock garland is ready to hang!

My husband helped me hang my garland across our front window which is about 12′ wide. He wrapped the twine ends around the curtain rod. Easy peasy. If you’d like to hang it on a shelf or mantle, you can attach a Command hook sideways on each side and twist the twine around them.

Robert wrapping the end of the St. Patrick's Day garland (the twine end) a curtain rod to hang it.

Remember, this is a blog hop, so keep reading to see what the other ladies have to share today!

I love the way it looks on the window! What do you think?

St. Patrick's Day garland with shamrocks wrapped with twine and moss green yarn. stretched across a large window.

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    St. Patrick's Day shamrock garland Pinterest image.

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    22 thoughts on “Shamrock Garland for St. Patrick’s Day

    1. How adorable and festive is this garland, Niki! Making these is a fun way to gather up the family and create these lovely wrapped shamrocks. Who doesn’t like wrapping just about any type of seasonal items!

      1. Thank you! When my husband helped me hang it he asked how long it took me to wrap each one of those shamrocks. I told him about 15 minutes each. He did the math and said there was no way he could’ve sat and did that for that long lol!

    2. This is so cute Niki! How clever to create shamrocks with a cardboard shape wrapped with yarn! I love the burlap bows at each end too, it looks so festive!

      1. Thanks Allyson. I like it too. My 11 year old son is being a hater lol! He wants me to swap out the twine shamrocks for ones with white yarn 😂. What does a tween boy know about home decor?!

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