Happiness is Homemade #394

Welcome back to Happiness is Homemade, where you can find and share posts for recipes, crafts, fashion, home and seasonal decor, DIYs, and much more. I am glad you’re here to party with us. Before we get to this week’s features and the party, I’d like to share what’s been going on this week here on Life as a LEO Wife.

October is almost here, and I’m so excited about that! I will breaking out the Halloween decorations very, very soon. This year I’m going to go with a black and purple witch theme in my kitchen. Last week you saw a black and purple witch hat wreath and a matching pumpkin wreath that will go in there. I needed something to place on my stove while it’s not in use, so I made this splatter screen pumpkin. I used Dollar Tree supplies, which should be no surprise to you! You have to check out the tutorial to see how I got black silky fabric to use- from Dollar Tree! You will be shocked to find out how easy the bow on the pumpkin is to make. If you have a hard time making bows, this tutorial is for you! It’s so, so easy to do. My ten year son old can make one in under 10 minutes!

You’ve seen all of my early fall decor, which is aqua, orange and white, and if you haven’t, please search around and take a look! Those colors aren’t really great for November, in late fall, so I’m preparing some pieces to use then. I will be using burgundy, navy, and copper. I made this beautiful 2′ “Home” sign using those colors. Check out the tutorial, it’s easy and looks great, so I think you’ll love it!

Finally, I wrote this post on how scientists use lamb’s blood to create snake antivenom. How amazing as that?! Think about how God could’ve created any animal or plant to best combat poison, but He used lambs. God was using a giant neon sign to point straight to Jesus. I think that you will enjoy the article.

Now on to the party written by My Messy Messy Mess!

Happiness Is Homemade Link Party #394

Welcome to the Happiness Is Homemade Link Party #394 – it’s the 4th and final week in September for my hosting.  I hope you enjoyed all of my features, it was always so hard to pick just a few!
It’s been an interesting week to say the least!  Sunday marked 35 weeks pregnant and then suddenly on Tuesday, my water broke at work!  After a quick two-block drive to labor and delivery at our local hospital, my daughter was born via c-section in just a few hours – crazy!  We are both doing great, and my sons are SO excited to meet her!
And now on to the party – here are my picks from last week’s party!
This Week’s Features

Fall Pumpkin Sign: Dollar Tree Upcycle

I’m going to be home for a bit now with my new baby, so I’ve been looking for some fun crafts I can complete at home without taking too much time.  This Fall Pumpkin Sign from our very own Life As A Leo Wife looks like just the ticket!
We took our last family camping trip just this past weekend and our friends who joined us made this treat to share.  I enjoyed it SO MUCH that I had to share it with you – click here for the Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Apple Dip.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays – we love to decorate and get out all our scary Halloween decor.  I am not so good at putting together a tablescape so I was hoping to find some inspiration with these Four Halloween Tablescape Ideas from Whispers of the Heart – SPOOOOOOOOKY!
My sons LOVE drinking hot coco bombs but we’ve always bought them, never made them.  I think this recipe for Mermaid Hot Chocolate Bombs would be SO fun make for any kid!
Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite treats but a Jumbo Cinnamon Roll?!?!?!?!  I’m ready to get baking!

Niki’s Feature

I love this simple fall update that Denise from My Home of All Seasons did on her decor ladder. It is just too cute! I love how it brings a little section of fall into her home. She gives us great inspiration that we can all bring into our homes this fall!

HIH Sept 26 Niki's feature

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8 thoughts on “Happiness is Homemade #394

    1. I’d give anything for a baby! Unfortunately it’s my co-hostess from My Messy Messy Mess that had the baby. Fortunately for her, ha! Thank you for visiting and sharing!

  1. Thank you for including my ladder as your feature this week Niki. Much appreciated! I have to say that I am absolutely in love with your sign and your color scheme! It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to see more. Thank you again and have a great week!

  2. Niki,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words…..As far as me being afraid of the virus, let’s just say that after being an RN for 41 years who worked in direct patient care, I am very cautious…I have auto immune disease so I am considered in the high risk category along with being a Senior too….I have multiple health issues so I am very cautious…I am enjoying my retirement and I do love finally being able to stay home and “play” in my house so even it it wasn’t for the Pandemic, I would not be going out much because I am having too much fun at home….When all of my health issues started, I knew I would not be able to travel when I retired so I created my very own Victorian Bed and Breakfast that I would love to stay in if I traveled in my own home. So much so that I am more than happy to stay home because I feel as if I am on vacation every day!!! Thanks though for your concern and I do appreciate it!!

    1. I’m right there with you! Since I also have an autoimmune disorder, a serious neutrophil defect where they absorb bacteria, fungi, and viruses but they don’t hydroblast them, so I’m at home too. I was a phlebotomist for about 10 years before this, but about 8 years ago my doctors said that I could no longer work because I would just continue getting sick. My son is 10 and they said I probably won’t see him graduate. I guess I’m in the high risk category, but I figure God won’t take me until He’s ready. If I stay in and don’t get covid and He’s ready for me, it’ll probably be another blood clot or another infection I can’t fight lol. When I read your posts I’m usually like, “That’s so me lol!” My hubby goes out with a list to get everything I need too. Not because of covid as much as because I hate having to get out of the house, put on makeup, and all that mess! You certainly aren’t afraid for nothing! Those that are old and in a high risk category should take every precaution. My prayer was just for peace for your mind if you have a lot of stress because of this evil pandemic and prayers that you remain healthy! I hope that you didn’t take it wrong.

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