Flip Flop Wreath Tutorial

I finally got around to making this DIY flip flop wreath, and today I’m going to share the tutorial with you. Before we begin, let me apologize for my ugly swollen hands and arms in the pics below- gross! I’m way too young to be on Lasix for swelling, but alas it is so lol. I was out of them when I made this wreath, hence the ugly hands. But the wreath turned out cute, which is the important thing!

This flip flop wreath is so cute, and easy to make. It should take you well under an hour. I think it took me about 20 to 30 minutes, and that includes hot glue gun heat-up time. You only need a few supplies.

To make a flip flop wreath you need:

  • 3 pair of flip flops in your pattern and color choice- I used children’s size 12 shoes.
  • 1.5″ ribbon
  • twine or thin ribbon for hanging (or you can use the same ribbon from the bow)
  • hot glue gun and glue stick
  • chenille stem (for the bow, however you can tie it w/o one if you don’t have any.)

Attach the flip flops

I chose to lay out my flip flops in a fan like pattern. Take a matching pair of flip flops and place a generous amount of hot glue on the back of the heel. Press them together, so they are touching at the heel and face away from each other.

Next add hot glue to the heel of one of the left flip flops. I used green because it tied into the print and quote on my main focal flip flops. Press the middle of the green flip flop into the middle of the attached yellow flip flops. The meeting of the yellow flip flops should be right in the middle of the green one.

Now it’s time to attach your matching focal point flip flops. Place hot glue on the left flip flop on the heel, at the right corner. Then press the two matching flip flops together, with the right side of the heel on the left shoe meeting the left side of the heel on the right shoe. The pictures below will show you better than I can explain.

Lay the pink flip flops on top of the green and yellow flip flop wreath base you’ve created. Put the line that’s created where the two pinks were glued together over the triangle formed where the green and two yellow flip flops are glued together. The line where the pinks are glued and the line where the yellows are glued should form their own straight line. Squeeze hot glue under each pink flip flop without moving them, then press them down until they dry. Your flip flop wreath base is finished!

Make a four-loop bow & add a way to hang

Create a bow to place on your flip flop wreath. I used a 1.5″ sheer pink organza ribbon. I thought a regular two loop bow would be a little boring, so I went with a four loop one. Pinch the ribbon, form a loop the size you’d like, then pinch it off back where you began. Do that four times. Then add extra ribbon for the tails and tie it off with a pipe cleaner. The pictures below will show you how it’s done.

Use a piece of string, twine, or the ribbon you used for the bow to make a loop to hang your flip flop wreath from. I used a 5/8″ white ribbon. Cut a 5″ piece, make a loop, and tie a knot to keep the loop. On the back of the green flip flop there is a round peg that holds the toe slide in place. Put the loop around it and hot glue it in place.

Hot gluing a loop made of ribbon the back of the flip flop wreath to use to hang it from.

Put a dab of hot glue on the back center of your bow and glue it to the top center of the green flip flop.

Gluing the bow to the flip flop wreath.

You’re flip flop wreath is complete! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Make sure you share it with your friends and family so they can make their own adorable summer wreath!

Completed flip flop wreath glued together in the shape of a hand held fan.

If you’d like to make a flip flop wreath with a slightly different shape, check out my patriotic flip flop wreath. That post was only my fourth one ever, so forgive my lack of skill in taking the pictures, placement, and code writing lol! Here are some other great summer wreaths (click on the image to get to the tutorial; be sure to pin it!).

Floral bike wheel wreath featured image

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