Fall Dollar Tree DIY Decor: Wood Word Art

About two months ago I visited a Dollar Tree that has a large craft and decor section. They had so much stuff that I wanted (and bought, ha!). I found these really solid words that are like table-top decor. They’ve been in my craft room and during my recent room makeover I rediscovered them. I decided to upcycle them and make them match my early fall decor. Here is the tutorial for a fall Dollar Tree DIY decor piece.

For your fall Dollar Tree DIY decor you need:

  • wood word- I used “happy” & “family.”
  • fall pattern paper- I used a pack from Michael’s.
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • foam brush
  • acrylic paint & paint brush
Fall Dollar Tree DIY decor supplies: wood word, Mod Podge, foam brush, pencil, & fall pattern paper.

Paint Wood Word

If you’ve seen my other early fall decor, you will know that the theme, if you can call it that, is aqua, orange, and white. It is way too hot where I live to go with the darker colors of fall. The heat index each day is still over 100! I just really like the colors together! I got a plaid ribbon in those colors from Hobby Lobby two years ago, and the pack of fall cardstock paper matched so it was just meant to be!

Use your acrylic paint and paint the top and bottom edges of the word. If your piece will be seen from the back, go ahead and paint that too. The back of mine won’t be seen, but I painted it anyway because I never know where I’ll put it next year. You may need a smaller paint brush to paint inside letters like a or e. I painted “happy” aqua and “family” orange. I gave my words two coats each. Allow it to dry. It took my words like 15 minutes to completely dry.

Trace the Word on Patterned Paper

Once your fall Dollar Tree DIY decor piece is dry, you will trace the shape on the cardstock or other paper type. Turn both your paper and word upside down. Lay the word on the back of the fall patterned cardstock and use your pencil to trace around the word. Make sure to trace inside your letters as well.

Cut Out the Word Shape

Very carefully use your scissors to cut out the word from the cardstock. While cutting, I cut just barely inside the pencil line. That will make the paper fit the word perfectly. I didn’t get a picture cutting the original cardstock, but I did a re-do on this construction paper so you can see how you should cut.

When you need to cut inside a letter like “a,” fold inside the “circle” (or whatever shape the letter makes). Do not make a crease or see-able fold to anything outside of that circle. Use the tip of the scissors and snip the tiny fold. This will allow you to place the scissors inside the cut and cut around the letter-line.

Mod Podge paper to the fall Dollar Tree DIY decor word.

Brush a layer of Mod Podge on the front of the wood word and a thin layer of it on the back of the cardstock.

Using a foam brush to layer Mod Podge on the wood fall Dollar Tree DIY decor word.

Carefully lay the cardstock cut-out word on top of the wood. Make sure that is even on all sides then smooth the paper out over the wood. Press the paper down and push out any wrinkles or bubbles.

Smoothing out bubbles from the cardstock on top of of the fall Dollar Tree DIY decor word.

Brush another layer of Mod Podge on top of the cardstock to seal it. Allow it to dry, and that’s it!

Your fall DIY Dollar Tree decor word is complete!

Here is what my words look like!

I originally painted the edges of my “family” white, but it blended in with the cardstock too much. To fix this I went back over it in orange which allows it to pop more.

I hope you enjoyed this super easy, super cute tutorial! Make sure you pin it for when you’re ready to make your adorable fall word art. Use the buttons at the bottom of the post to share on social media (and then I’ll love you forever lol).

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  2. Thanks for the idea! I have one of these word signs that I have been holding onto for nearly a year now because I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. Pinned.

  3. I love the Dollar Tree. It’s a great way to make simple changes without spending a ton. Good for cheapskates like me. 😉

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