Easy Farmhouse Style Framed Bunny & Easter Egg

Hello friends! Boy, do I have a simple, yet beautiful spring decor tutorial to share with you today! This DIY framed bunny and Easter egg can be customized to fit your spring decor, and they will cost you about $3 each. Amazing, right?! Let’s get started.

Wood bunny frame & Easter egg framed pinnable featured image.

It’s time for our monthly Sustainable Craft Challenge hosted by Julie from Sum of Their Stories. Every month we bring you a craft with a sustainable twist, like cleaning out our craft stash so as not to purchase any new supplies, reducing waste, or recycling. Our theme this month is spring. Stick around after the post to see what all of the other lovely ladies are sharing this month!

If you missed last month’s challenge, you can see my spring chunky wreath tutorial here.

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DIY Framed Bunny Supplies:

  • beveled edge wood bunny and/or egg
  • 5×7 frame(s)
  • scissors and/or a paper slicer
  • Quick Grip
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • 2 different spring patterned pieces of cardstock
  • white chalk paint
  • paint brush
  • sandpaper
Supplies for a DIY bunny frame and an Easter egg frame: 5x7 frames, wood bunny, wood Easter egg, white chalk paint, paint brush, Quick Grip, spring patterned cardstock, and a paper trimmer.

Before I could begin, I needed to fix one of my frames.

I have been saving a broken 5×7 frame for a while. Since I was making my DIY framed bunny for our Sustainable Craft Challenge, I thought what better time to use it? What would’ve gone into the trash, was saved by today’s challenge!

The Dollar Tree frames have a tendency to come apart at the corners. I added Beacon Quick Grip to the broken corner, then held it together while it dried.

Paint the frames & the wood bunny.

For this project I used white chalk paint. It works better than acrylic paint on the shiny frame surface.

Painting a 5x7 frame white.

Dollar Tree’s wood items usually need sanding along the edges, so go ahead and do that before painting.

Next paint the edges of the beveled edge bunny and Easter egg (if you’re making two like I did). You will be covering the top with cardstock, so you don’t have to paint it.

Painting a wood, bevel edge bunny white.

Cut cardstock to fit the frame and the wood bunny.

To make my framed bunny and Easter egg even more sustainable, I used scrap pieces of cardstock that I had leftover from other projects. I save all of my scraps if I feel like they’re big enough for anything lol!

Place the frame’s glass on the back of your spring patterned cardstock and trace it. Use scissors or a paper trimmer to cut it.

Next, place the wood bunny on your second patterned cardstock. Go under the edge of the wood and trace the beveled edge. You will probably have to trim off more of the paper, but going under will save you some work. Cut out the bunny.

Now place the cardstock bunny shape onto the wood. Use your finger and press down on the beveled edge and slide it around the entire shape. That will leave a crease, allowing you to cut the bunny to the correct size. Trim off the excess paper.

Repeat the process with the Easter egg, but with the opposite patterns of cardstock. For example, I used my mint/sage-y floral pattern in the frame and the wood print with roses and greenery on the bunny. Then I used the floral pattern on the Easter egg and the wood pattern inside the frame. I love the way my DIY framed bunny and Easter eggs look together, matching, but not too match-y match-y.

Attach the spring cardstock to the bunny.

Brush a layer of Mod Podge on the top of the wood bunny then place the bunny on it.

Once you’ve given it a little bit to dry, use sandpaper or a sanding block (that would be easier, but I couldn’t find mine) to sand along the beveled edge of the bunny. That will remove any overhang and it gives it that signature farmhouse look. Also sand the wood to distress it a bit.

Sanding the edge of the cardstock and wood bunny to distress it and remove any cardstock that is overhanging.

You can seal the cardstock with another layer of Mod Podge if you’d like. I didn’t, or at least I haven’t yet, but I may do it before I put the bunny frames away for the year.

Finally, assemble your DIY framed bunny.

Add Quick Grip to the inside edge of the 5×7 frame and place the cardstock in it.

To give my DIY framed bunny a little extra strength, I glued the glass into the frame behind the cardstock. Add the Quick Grip and a little bit of hot glue, then place the glass into the frame. Pop the back in and press the tabs back down to hold it in.

Squeeze some Quick Grip, followed by hot glue, onto the back of the bunny, then press it onto the center of the frame.

Here’s a quick video tutorial for those that prefer to watch step by step.

That’s it! Your DIY framed bunny and Easter egg is ready to display!

I absolutely love the way these turned out. They match my family bunny butt sign and my spring decor blocks. You can customize your sign to fit your home, and if you change up your decor next year, you can change these with ease!

Remember this is a blog hop, so keep reading to see what the other ladies are sharing!

For now my DIY bunny & Easter egg frames are sitting on my sofa table underneath our mounted TV. You can also see my bunny topiaries and bunny butt sign as well. I think I’m going to replace the cardstock paper behind the bunny butt sign to the one that’s behind my framed Easter egg.

Console table with a large glass jar filled with eucalyptus stems on the right end, a wood bunny painted and covered with wood pattern cardstock with sage and mint colored leaves and light pink roses at the bottom and glued onto mint floral cardstock in white frame, bunny topiaries, tobacco basket with a wreath hanging in the middle, next to that a framed wood Easter egg with cardstock opposite the bunny frame, and two candlestick holders on the right side on the top of the table. On the bottom shelf is a large wood basket with a spring "Welcome" floral pillow case in it, a spring bunny butt sign next to it, a white vase with eucalyptus stems in it on the right side, and a metal bunny in front of it.

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    Wood bunny frame & Easter egg framed Pinterest image.

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    1. This is so pretty, you have picked such lovely papers. Such a great way to save and reuse an old frame and I love how you can mix and match all your seasonal decor.

    2. What a fun and adorable activity! Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea for framing a bunny and egg! Both turned out really cute!

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