9 Easy Patriotic Decorations

With the 4th of July on Sunday I thought I would give you a round-up of 9 easy patriotic decorations that I’ve shared with you over the summer. Most of these can be made with only things from Dollar Tree! Let’s get right to it!

Red White & Blue Dollar Tree Wreath

This wreath is so quick and easy to make. If you’ve never made a wreath before you could still do it in under 20 minutes. Pro-wreather? 5 minutes! Everything I used came from Dollar Tree, except the hot glue gun. If you don’t have one and only want to make a run to the one store, use craft glue that they sell there, or even a glue like E6000.

Patriotic Pizza Pan Wreath

Pizza pan wreaths using Dollar Tree pans are really popular right now, and anyone can see why. This one goes perfectly with a few other farmhouse style patriotic decor pieces in this round-up. I found the little red metal farmhouse truck sign after I made the outdoor thermometer below. It goes perfectly together!

Sorry for the blurry edges! I cracked my camera (big, huge tears here!).

Outdoor Thermometer-Patriotic Style

Here is another project using Dollar Tree items. When you check out my site, you’ll see that I love using their items in my crafts and home decor. This idea came together when I unloaded my haul and the patriotic farmhouse truck garden stake and outdoor thermometer were laying next to each other. It just clicked. I think it turned out so cute! Another item you can leave in your porch decor from May to September!

Red White & Blue Star Wreath

Using a star wreath form makes this such a quick and easy party or seasonal decoration. This year the Dollar Tree had the cutest USA fabric bandanas, and some had scarfs that kind of coordinated with them. You just need the wreath form, bandana of your choice, glue, & scissors! These are really cute on little stands on your dessert table at your patriotic bbqs.

Patriotic Centerpiece

For this centerpiece I used leftover pieces of the bandanas that I used for the star wreaths above. Two-for-one, so obviously you have to make these! I think both of these projects will fit perfectly into your farmhouse style decor. This one is a bit more detailed than the other projects I’ve included here, but it’s worth it. Sit this baby in the center of your outdoor bbq table with a star wreath on either side and you have a beautifully patriotic display for your guests!

Scarf & Yarn Patriotic Wreath

I love making yarn wreaths. This one was no exception. They are easy, and you can wrap them mindlessly as you binge-watch the next show on your list! I absolutely loved Chosen, the TV series on the life of Jesus during His ministry years. It’s on Pure Flix right now, or you can watch it free in their app! Adding the scarf to the wreath after it was wrapped in yarn changed the entire look. I love it. You can put it on your door, wall, or as I have done, on a stand in a red, white, and blue vignette.

One Minute Vase Centerpieces

I don’t have a full post dedicated to these because they are soo easy! All you need is a vase or two (or three lol), a patriotic colored scarf (could be all three colors or solid, or even a print), and a decorative pick. Guess where I got all of my supplies! Remove any tags from the scarf and place it in the vase, curling it around the bottom and loop it around the vase edge twice. Place the pick in so that the scarf holds it upright. Continue curling the vase around the edges of the vase as you go up, all the way to the top. Adjust it in some places if you’d like to show a specific detail on the scarf. For example I smoothed out part of the scarf and so that the entire American flag showed instead of being folded into the middle. I chose to fluff mine up a little bit at the top. Adjust your pick so that it’s standing straight, and you’re done!

DIY Lantern Swag

Ya’ll I could not believe how easy it was to make this lantern swag! I used a patriotic ribbon in this tutorial, but you can use it to make one for any season or just for everyday. In this swag I used only one bunch of greenery, but you can make a thinner piece to place above the bow. I thought I’d keep it simple for my first try. You can use this same tutorial to make a swag to place next to or on your front door as well. I really do just love how this turned out!

Red White & Blue Tablescape

Just before Memorial Day I found these adorable dinner and salad plates and blue placemats on sale at Belk. To dress up my dining room a little for the patriotic season, I put together a seasonally appropriate tablescape. I need a tablecloth or runner for it, but it’s ok without one for now. I added my super quick and easy vases to either side of my lantern with patriotic swag to the center to make up for not having one, and I like having them out for everyone to see! The “napkins” on the plain white dessert plates are actually placemats from the Dollar Spot in Target. I forgot that I had them when I bought the round blue ones, so I decided to fold them into napkins. That wasn’t easy to do by the way because they are a really weird shape, lol! I don’t have a full post on this one either, but you can easily put one without one. I just threw this together in a few minutes. Literally, a few… like three. It took me longer to put up the pole lights and take the pictures; waaay longer! You can even pick up some red, white, and blue paper plates and napkins to make a cute tablescape, especially for a fun bbq!

That’s a wrap ladies and gents! I hope you make a few of these decorations yourself. Please tag me on social media when you do! With my health, this blog is now my full time job, so I would love for you to use the buttons below and follow me on social media. Also I would hate for you to miss a post, so make sure you enter your email along the sidebar so that you get an email every time I upload a new one. You will never get spam mail!

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