Scarf and Yarn Patriotic Wreath or Table-Top Decoration

Memorial Day is in a few days so I am sharing a tutorial to create a scarf and yarn patriotic wreath to hang on your walls or doors or use as an adorable table-top decoration. You can make it part of a vignette to use for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, or other patriotic holiday. I just started wrapping a patriotic scarf around a styrofoam wreath form and this wreath is what I ended up with! You will even have several choices for the way you’d like to have the scarf on the wreath.

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To make your wreath you need:

  • styrofoam wreath form
  • patriotic scarf
  • red yarn
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors
  • chenille stem
Supplies needed to make a scarf and yarn patriotic wreath, shown: hot glue gun, scissors, green styrofoam wreath form, red yarn, and red, white, and blue patterned scarf.

Wrap the wreath form with yarn

I used red yarn to wrap my wreath, but you can use blue, white, or a combo of those! That would be fun! Wrap your yarn around something small (I use an Amazon remote) to make it easier to pass through the middle of the wreath. Trying to pass the entire yarn skein through the middle is hard, and it slows the process down so much. Glue a piece of the yarn on the back of the wreath, then begin wrapping it around and around the wreath. Continue until you get back to where you started and your entire wreath is covered.

Wrap the wreath with the scarf

This part is so easy! It dresses up a regular yarn wreath so much. I’ve done many yarn wreaths and scarf wreaths, but this is the first time I’ve combined them. I like it, and I think I’m going to try to find all of the ways I can possibly combine them for different looks.

Lay your scarf on your work space. If yours has a front and back side, lay it with the front side down. If you’ve gotten it from Dollar Tree like mine, both sides are the same, so it doesn’t matter how you lay it. Place your yarn covered wreath in the middle of the scarf. Bunch the scarf up a little so that it doesn’t extend above and below your wreath.

Gather the scarf a little more through the wreath opening if needed. Wrap each end of the scarf over the wreath, then cross each side over one another and pass one side under the other. Now pull both ends to tighten. Like you would on the first step of tying your shoe.

Scarf and yarn patriotic wreath wrapped in red yarn, blue scarf wrapped around the middle and crossed in the middle in the first step of tying it

Next continue the process like tying your shoe. Make a loop with one side of the scarf then wrap the other around it. Push the wrapped side under the loop. Now you have two loops. Grip each one, and pull to tighten the bow.

Now here is what your scarf and yarn patriotic wreath should look like with the bow.

Scarf and yarn patriotic wreath- red yarn wrapped wreath form, blue scarf wrapped around the middle and tied in a bow with the bow in the middle of the wreath

Finished scarf and yarn patriotic wreath

That’s it! This wreath is so easy, quick, and you can make it for about $4 if you get your supplies from Dollar Tree. You can hang this beauty on your door or wall like this…

If you’d like, you can widen the scarf, so that it isn’t bunched as much in the middle. It will look something like this.

Right now I have mine sitting in a patriotic vignette for Memorial Day. I’m sure I’ll put it back up in a few weeks for the Fourth.

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