Patriotic Pizza Pan Wreath

This patriotic pizza pan wreath took me absolutely no time and turned out so cute. I just can’t believe that the 4th of July is this weekend! For me this summer is flying by!

This perfect to hang on your door or wall to add a little farmhouse flair from May to September. I made another patriotic decoration for outdoors with a matching farmhouse truck. You can make them both and hang them on your porch this summer! Get that tutorial here.

To make this patriotic pizza pan wreath you need (from Dollar Tree unless noted*):

  • pizza pan
  • “God Bless America” & farmhouse truck metal sign
  • farmhouse truck patriotic scarf
  • red burlap ribbon
  • foam scatter stars
  • white paint (acrylic or spray paint*)
  • hot glue
  • E6000 (optional)
  • scissors

Prep Pizza Pan

Paint your pan in the color of your choice. I just went with white. This time I spray painted mine, but I’ve used acrylic paint multiple times with great results. You can also use scrapbook paper and Mod Podge it on the pan.

Take Apart & Add Sign

The truck sign comes attached with two little chains. Open both ends on each one and remove them from the sign. It’s really easy to do.

Next add E6000 (in the photo I’m using Super Glue brand’s version) to the truck section of the sign, but this is optional. Add hot glue around the edges and then press it toward the bottom of the pan in the middle.

Repeat the same steps for the God Bless America part of the sign.

Add Burlap Bow & Scarf

Using your red wired burlap you’ll now make a bow to add to the top of the patriotic pizza pan wreath. Make a two loop bow and secure it in the middle using a pipe cleaner.

Add a dot of hot glue on to the back of one of the styrofoam stars and press it onto the middle of the bow. Blue will be the best color if your ribbon is blue and your pan is painted white.

You will be cutting two pieces of the scarf off to use on each side of the pan. I made them each 14″ long.

Next pinch all of the fabric at the top of one of the pieces and secure it with a pipe cleaner and cut off any of its excess. Repeat with the second piece, making sure the print is all right-side up. I added some hot glue and made a sort of hem in the piece where the end would be rough. In the middle of each piece, gather the fabric a bit and add a little hot glue. This will make it look like a curtain being tied back in the middle. It’ll keep the wreath from being covered by the fabric, and allow you to see some of the cute patterns and sayings more clearly.

The above pic was take before the fabric was gathered in the middle.

Put hot glue on the ends of the scarves with the pipe cleaner on them. Then place one a little left of top center, and the other a little to the right.

Add the bow to the middle of the top, making sure both tops of the scarf are covered by it.

Because I felt like the middle of my patriotic pizza pan wreath was still a little bare, I added three medium scatter stars underneath the truck. Red, white, and then blue.

Red, white, and blue glitter stars added to the bottom of the patriotic pizza pan wreath.

Finally, twist a piece of a pipe cleaner into a loop and hot glue it on to the back of your wreath to hang it from.

Your Patriotic Pizza Pan Wreath is Done!

How cute is this?! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Please share with your friends who’d enjoy it as well. When you make yours, make sure you tag me on social media!

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5 thoughts on “Patriotic Pizza Pan Wreath

  1. OMG!! How incredibly cute is this and easy especially since I have all these pieces except for the scarf!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
    Happy July 4th!

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