Turn an Old Tire into a Beautiful Planter in 3 Easy Steps!

The warm weather is now in full force which means it’s time to enjoy some outdoor time! I am trying to create an outdoor space that my family will enjoy being in here at our new house. There’s one area of my backyard where no grass grows due to the previous owner leaving a decade of leaves on the ground. I’ve cleared the area, so I needed something to brighten it up. Our outdoor furniture is yellow, white, gray, and black, so I wanted something yellow in that space. My husband got me an old tire, and I decided to make a DIY tire planter. It was so easy, and today I’m going to show you how to make your own in three easy steps!

DIY tire planter 1000x1000 pinnable image

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Items for a DIY tire planter:

DIY Tire Planter Supplies:

  • spray paint- I used 2 cans of Rustoleum warm yellow.
  • rope- Cut to the length you’d like from the tree to the height of the tire plus about 3ft. I used about 25 ft.
  • potting soil
  • flowers or plants
  • spray paint sealant (optional)

Spray Paint Tire

First, clean up your old tire. Spray paint it with a paint and primer combo or a primer followed by spray paint once the primer has dried.

I had a can of Rustoleum rust proof yellow spray paint that I got from a Michael’s grab bag last year. It didn’t have a primer in it. I was able to give my tire a little over one coat before I ran out. When I did, I headed to Walmart and of course they didn’t have the same color. I ended up with a can of warm yellow which had the paint and primer in one. One additional coat of that and my tire was ready to hang!

Rustoleum warm yellow paint and primer with a large tire spray painted with it.
I did cover that spot of bright yellow that you see here lol!

Once it’s dry, you can cover it with a clear top coat. That’s optional. I haven’t done it with mine yet because of the heat and humidity down here on the Coast. It’s already well over 90 degrees every day here and has been for about a month! I waited almost three days for the paint to dry on the tire.

Hang the DIY Tire Planter

I bought a 50′ pack of sisal rope from Lowe’s to use with my DIY tire planter. It has a 100lb test limit which is more than enough for the tire and dirt. I only used about half of the roll.

Fold the rope in half and throw one end over a thick tree branch. Place the loose ends of the rope through the folded side then pull them down. That will bring the folded end up to the tree branch attaching it to the tree.

Rope folded in half and pulled down attaching it to a tree branch.

Next place the rope through the tire and pull it up until you’re happy with the height. Once you are, tie the rope above the tire in the center. My hubby did that part for me (the rope throwing too since he’s over a foot taller than me!). Ignore the messy part of the rope. I told him to leave it until I got the scissors or knife back out.

A rope tied through and around the tire planter, hanging it from a tree.

Add Flowers

Fill the middle of the tire about halfway with potting soil.

Filling the tire planter with potting soil.

Now you can place your flowers inside. I used impatients because they grow in the shade. They were the only flowers available near me (and I looked everywhere!) that don’t need full sunlight at some time during the day. The area of my backyard that I hung my tire planter in doesn’t get any direct sunlight, only light filtered through trees. Once you’ve added all of your flowers, cover them with additional potting soil.

If you have fertilizer, go ahead and add it now. I used a transplant fertilizer by Miracle Grow. Pray for my plants because I already had to replace them once! My son whispers to the plants I buy while we’re still at the store. “Sorry little guys. You’re going home with us, so…. You’re going to die. Mom is going to kill you…” Yep. I’ve killed every single plant that I’ve ever bought. Every. single. plant.

Sit back and enjoy your new DIY tire planter!

I still have quite a way to go with this little back corner of our new backyard. It had been full of leaves for at least ten years which killed any hope of grass growing. Now that I’ve raked all of it up, I plan to create a little sitting area back here, around my new tire planter. I bought mulch to create a higher area and to absorb water that tends to pool when it rains. For now, I’ve got my tire planter up and a few chairs. Stay tuned for more progress!

Completed tire planter. Tire painted yellow with red and white impatients planted inside and hanging from a tree with sisal rope.
Completed tire planter. Tire painted yellow with red and white impatients planted inside and hanging from a tree with sisal rope.

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