DIY Valentines Garland

Making this DIY Valentines garland was fun. It’s a great project to chill on the couch and make while binge-watching Netflix. You can make it for $2 using supplies from Dollar Tree. You can’t beat that! It doesn’t take that long either, so it’s a great project for last minute decorating for Valentine’s Day. It’s a project you could also make with you kids in preparation for you newest family Valentine’s Day dinner tradition. Check out that idea and free printable here; the kids will love it!

To make your DIY Valentines garland you will need:

  • 110 piece Valentines various sized white and red glitter styrofoam balls (vase filler)
  • sewing kit. Both are from Dollar Tree
  • I show scissors in the picture of the supplies, but the kit has the seam puller and I used it.
  • twine (optional)
Supplies needed to make the DIY Valentines garland; white and red glitter styrofoam balls in 110 pc pack, sewing kit, twine, scissors.

Getting Started

The hardest part of this entire tutorial is threading the stupid needle! The sewing kit can be found in the aisle with the socks and shirts at Dollar Tree; at least that’s where it was in my local store. It comes with several colors of thread, a set of needles, pincushion, and thimble, among other things. That thimble will come in handy!

First thread a needle with red thread. Give yourself about 32″ or more depending on how long you want your garland and how much of the filler pack you want to use. I cut my thread to 32″ plus enough to thread the needle and tie it off. I can’t sew, and I know ya’ll will see that! It’s one of those things on the learn-to-do bucket list.

Put your thimble on the finger you’re going to use to push the needle through the balls. I got a little bloody in the threading process, and on blood thinners it can be really bloody sometimes, ha! Tie off the end of your thread to stop the balls from going off the end. It kinda sucks when you have to put the first balls on twice. I placed a dab of hot glue on the end ball to keep it sturdy.

Thread away!

Push the needle and thread through the middle of your first ball. You can randomly thread balls, or in a white/red pattern, or different sizes of white/red. There are three sizes. However, there weren’t as many large balls as the others. Some of them are hard to determine if they are medium or large. I went with large white, small red, medium white, etc. About halfway through the rest of the balls were a size in between large and medium, so I ended with white/red/white with the small and medium.

Threading the first ball of the DIY Valentines garland.
Used different needle since this one was bent. The balls didn’t bend it, I think it was already bent from who-knows-what I did before this.

Continue adding balls until you are satisfied with the length. I only used about half of the pack because I am using it on a tiered tray. I may make another one to hang, who knows. It was easy enough, so you can make several to hang through your home.

Once you’ve strung all of the filler, cut off any extra thread and tie off the end of the it. I placed another dot of hot glue here as well. None of mine have come off with the glue there. You can’t even see it.

Half way through stringing the balls onto the DIY Valentines garland.
Half-way there!

To Twine or Not to Twine

I wanted to add a little extra something on the garland, so I decided to add a little twine fringe to each end. Take your twine and wrap it around something not too thick or thin, I used a 12″ ruler. Wrap the twine around until you like the length of it.

Wrappin the twine that will be added to the ends of the DIY Valentines garland, around a ruler.
Sorry it’s blurry. I was wrapping fast I guess.

Slide the twine off of the ruler and cut it where it was wrapped. One side or the other, doesn’t really matter.

Grab the top of the pieces of twine, and smooth out any pieces that are bent or bunched up. You may have to line up the tops if they have moved. Just a few centimeters from the top, place a dot of hot glue on the pieces, and press a separate piece of twine to it. Begin wrapping the twine around the top, creating a tassel. When you are like how it looks, cut the twine and put a small dot of glue to hold it in place. Repeat these steps to make one for each end of your DIY Valentines garland. Add a dot of glue on each ball on the ends and press the twine tassel on it.

Wasn’t this an easy, cute way to make your own DIY Valentines garland?!

I love my little garland, and I hope you love yours. It’s easy and cheap and looks great when added to the rest of your Valentine’s Day decorations. Here is my garland as an accessory on my Valentine’s two-tier tray. I will be adding a tutorial on the gold heart and the Valentine’s sign that are on it as well.

Completed DIY Valentines  garland.

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