DIY Valentine’s Heart Wreaths

from Dollar Tree items. Two wreaths for $5!

These DIY Valentine’s heart wreaths are so easy to make, quick, and are very easy on the wallet. You can make two for $5 and in about 30 minutes. They are too cute as well.

To make these wreaths you need:

Supplies needed for DIY Valentine's Day heart wreath.


Everything in this tutorial can be purchased from Dollar Tree. If you don’t want to get out of the house, you can use the links above to purchase some items from Amazon. If you purchase anything from the links above, I get a small commission. Thank you for your help.

Wrap your DIY Valentine’s Heart Wreath.

First tie the scarf around the wreath form. At the dip at the top of the wreath, tie the scarf in a knot on the back of it.

Tie scarf in a know on the top of the DIY Valentine's heart wreath

Spread the scarf from a quarter to half the size of it and begin wrapping it around the wreath. The reason you have to make sure it’s a bit spread out is if it isn’t you will run out of the scarf before you have wrapped the entire form.

When you get back to the top tuck the end of the scarf under the knot you tied at first. Repeat these steps on your second wreath.

Make the bows to go on your DIY Valentine’s wreaths.

Cut off about 8″ of your white ribbon. Create two loops about 2.5″ each, then tie the bow off in the middle with a pipe cleaner. Bring the extra ribbon up, making two tails, and put the ends tied off in the pipe cleaner. Cut that section of ribbon off in the bottom center, making two separate ribbons.

See the pictures below to help explain the bow.

Cut your bow tails in a half V like the above picture. Cover the pipe cleaner with a thinner ribbon, or use your white ribbon folded in half. Hot glue the ribbon over the pipe cleaner on the back of the bow.

Make a second bow and glue them to the top middle of the DIY Valentine’s heart wreaths. Once your bows are on, glue a red foam glitter heart to the middle of each bow.

Hang your wreaths proudly!

I hung mine in my kitchen which will have the red and neutral colored theme. I think they look great, and no one will ever believe you only spent $5 for two wreaths!

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