Valentine’s Day Wall Hanging

This Valentine’s Day wall hanging is so quick, so easy, and so budget friendly. This project will take you less than 15 minutes.

You will need from Dollar Tree:

  • Wall hanging
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • pack of red hearts
  • gold tulle
  • 1/8″ gold ribbon
  • scissors
Supplies needed for a Valentine's Day wall hanging.

Make tulle bow

Cut two 21″ pieces of tulle and six 15″ pieces. Use the 21″ pieces and tie them into a bow like you would with a hair bow or your shoes. Fold the 21″ pieces in half and place a bit of hot glue on the fold. Press the tulle on the back of the bow so that one half is draped to the right and the other is draped to the left. Continue adding the pieces until each bow has three 15″ pieces.

Now you will need to cover the middle section of the bow with the 1/8″ gold ribbon. Put a dot of glue on the back center of the bow and press the ribbon to it. Wrap the ribbon around the middle until you have covered the middle twist and the glue from adding the extra tulle.

Glue the bow to the Valentine’s Day wall hanging.

Add glue to the back of your bow. Find the center of the twine used to hang your sign, and place the center of the bow at that point.

Finally hot glue one of the red hearts to the sign. The triangle at the bottom of the heart will sit into the triangle at the bottom of the sign.

Glue the heart to the bottom of the Valentine's Day wall hanging.

Now it’s time for you to find the perfect spot to hang your sign. I hope you are as happy as I was with the result.

Valentine's Day wall hanging

Looking to add more Valentine’s Day decorations to you home? You might like these Valentine’s Day heart wreaths or this interchangeable wreath. If you’d like to add a little love and a little budget to go along with it, you will probably like this Valentine’s doormat and this sign made from Dollar Tree items.

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