DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Candleholder

Hello everyone! Halloween is just around the corner, and I’ve got the cutest DIY decor idea to share with you! You may have seen those $80 Pottery Barn ghost pillows & their dupes floating around. I’ve gave it a little turn and make it a fun Halloween ghost candleholder. Let me show you how I did it.

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Halloween Ghost Candleholder Supplies:

  • styrofoam skull
  • styrofoam pumpkin
  • black felt
  • fuzzy microfiber cloths
  • scissors
  • glass candleholder
  • Quick Grip
Supplies for the Halloween ghost candleholder: styrofoam pumpkin & skull, microfiber cloths, black felt, glass candleholder plate, scissors, & Quick Grip.

Pottery Barn Ghost Pillow

Before we get started, I thought I would show you the $79.50 Pottery Barn pillow that we are duping. It’s cute, but we’re going to make one just as cute for way less, about $5!

Cut the Microfiber Cloths

Since you will want to make this ghost taller because it will be a Halloween candleholder and not a short pillow, the usual microfiber cloths from Dollar Tree won’t cover it completely. My husband had to pick up some cloths from Auto Zone since Dollar Tree was out, so I had one extra step, cutting off the gray seams. If you have to do the same, since most DT’s never have the cloths, you’ll need to cut the seams of that brand too.

Cutting the gray seam off of the white microfiber cloth.

To make one long cloth, lay two cloths, with the seams removed, if necessary, next to each other. Squeeze a line of hot glue down one of them and press the two together.

Assemble the “Base” of the Ghost

First, remove the stem out of the styrofoam pumpkin.

Removing the stem of a black styrofoam pumpkin.

Squeeze some Quick Grip then hot glue on top of the pumpkin. The hot glue will help them stick faster.

Place the skull on top of the glue.

Placing the styrofoam skull on top of the glue on the pumpkin.

This is what you will have.

Styrofoam skull glued on top of the pumpkin.

Cover the Ghost with the Cloth

Finally, place the cloth over the top. I placed it so the seam I created would be toward the back of the skull at the top. The back of the cloth will be a little long; cut that off.

Cutting extra white fabric off of the Halloween ghost.

Next, cut that piece in half and add hot glue along the top of each piece and press one to each side of the ghost. No need for it to go all the way to the bottom because the front and back will drape in a way to cover it.

Create Ghost Eyes

To complete the ghost portion, draw an oval eye on black felt. If you can free cut it go ahead, I just wanted to make sure it was even. Fold the felt in half, then you can cut once to create two eyes for your ghost Halloween candleholder.

I trimmed up the eyes because I’m just nuts, lol. I’ve got to make sure it’s perfect. Most of the time I have to stop myself, so I don’t end up carving too much off!

Trimming down the black felt ghost eyes.

Hot glue the eyes over the ones on the skull. You can feel them through the cloth.

Attach the Candleholder to the Ghost

Turn the glass candleholder upside down and add Quick Grip to the center, then place it on top of the ghost.

Here is my finished Pottery Barn Dupe ghost Halloween candleholder. See how the sides are covered nicely?

Finished Pottery Barn dupe ghost candleholder sitting on a table.

That’s it! Your Halloween ghost candleholder is complete!

Isn’t this ghostie cute?!

Pottery Barn dupe ghost candleholder for Halloween made with fuzzy cloth, black felt eyes, and candleholder on top with candles from a top angle.

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    19 thoughts on “DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Candleholder

      1. Thank you! I couldn’t believe Pottery Barn’s pillow version was $79.50 when it could be made for so much cheaper! I call him “Ghostie,” probably the best friend of Casper, lol!

    1. What a cute candlestick! I adore people who makw something with their own hands. I would like to be so creative! A very cool thing that you made with your own hands. I think he can also start doing some crafts.. I’m just so unsure of myself in this regard. But listen, why not? Thank you for inspiring me! Halloween is a cool holiday, I love this atmosphere of the film “Casper the friendly ghost”. I love pumpkins and cute ghosts and kind vampires. That is such fun tho! How long have you been into creating stuff by yourself?

      1. Thank you! I started this blog about 2.5 years ago (I think, lol), and that’s mainly when I started crafting a lot. Before that, I made a few wreaths and ornaments, little things, for maybe a few years. You should start crafting! It’s cathartic & once you have a good craft supply you can make decor that looks just as pretty as store-bought for cheaper! You’ll mess up at the start, but no big deal! Just paint over it & try again!

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