How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Easily!

Hello again my lovelies! If you were here earlier in the week, I showed you how to save more than $120 a month by giving yourself an at home gel manicure. We all know how hard it is to remove gel polish, and a lot of us end up picking it off which is horrible for your nails! But then soaking them off properly with acetone can take an hour. Who has time for that?! Well, I’m so glad you’re here for me to show you how to quickly and easily remove gel nail polish! Let’s get into it!

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Supplies for Gel Polish Removal:

  • Airbrit Gel Polish Removal Kit– This is a great product. It’s extremely effective and will save you an hour or more over using acetone to soak a gel manicure off. It’s also very affordable and comes with everything you need to remove your gel polish.

Prep the Nails

Before you apply the steps of the gel polish removal kit, you need to file the tops of your gel polish. You don’t have to go deep, you just want to remove the shiny top layer.

Apply Latex

The chemicals in the gel polish remover can be quite harsh. I mean it is eating away at it! The Airbrit kit comes with a bottle of liquid peel-off latex. Apply it on the skin around your fingernails, sides and at the base.

Apply the Gel Nail Polish Remover

Next, apply a thick layer of the gel nail polish remover. Don’t worry if you have clumps in your bottle. It’s normal.

Applying gel polish remover on top on my thumbnail.

This is what you will have after about 2 minutes.

My thumbnail with the nail polish bubbling up after the application of the remover.

And this after about 4 minutes. I even feel it popping and loosening from my nails which is the coolest feeling!

Remove the Nail Polish

Now it’s time to get to work. Use the cuticle pusher tool that came with the kit to begin scraping the gel nail polish off of your fingernails.

If you still see some of the base coat that won’t scrape off, you can apply another coat of the gel polish remover, allow it to sit, then scrape the rest of it from your nails.

Video Tutorial

Didn’t I tell you this was the quickest & easiest way to remove gel nail polish?!

That’s it! It really is that easy.

Now it’s time to give yourself an at home gel manicure! Check out my full tutorial for doing so and save yourself $120 a month!

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