Must Have Monday: My Weekly Amazon Favorites

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Hello friends! Welcome back to the blog for another Must Have Monday! This segment took a break for the summer, but now that the kids are back in school, I’m bringing it back!

My favorite buy of this week is this Jodsone gel manicure kit. Ya’ll have got to jump on this deal! This kit contains:

  • 55 different gel nail polish colors
  • 2 base coats
  • 2 regular top coats
  • 1 matte top coat
  • UV light
  • nail separaters
  • cuticle oil
  • French manicure guides
  • steel cuticle pusher
  • cuticle fork
  • 5 nail files
  • nail buffer block
  • nail brush
  • nail stickers

You get all of that for under $40! It’s so worth it, trust me.

Each visit to the salon used to cost me between $50 and $60, and I had to go every two weeks. I wanted to save money, but cutting out the salon wasn’t an option because I needed my hands to look half-way decent in all of the blog photos!

With this kit, I am able to do my own nails at home, and they last at least two weeks, just like the salon. It keeps my nails from breaking with all of the typing and crafting I do. In addition, I can redo my nails in a new color as often as I want! My nails can match whatever outfit I’m wearing without breaking the bank.

Gel Manicure At Home

Yeah Niki, but I’m terrible at painting my own nails! Don’t worry. I was too, but it only took about 2 or 3 manicures for me to get better at it. Now, 10 months or so into doing my own nails, I’m basically a pro! It’s worth the trial and error to save yourself up to $2000-$2400 a year!

Check out my gel manicure at home tutorial with video where I show you how to use this Jodsone gel manicure kit.

Gel manicure featured image.

But soaking a gel manicure off takes forever!

Not with this Aibrit gel manicure removal kit! It used to take me more than an hour to use acetone to soak my nails off. With the Aibrit remover it takes about 5 minutes. Check out my full tutorial for using it here.

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Shop this post:

Fingernails painted with red gel nail polish and a Christian "fisher of men" symbol on the right middle fingernail and a heart with a cross embedded in it on the left middle fingernail, with the left hand placed over the right palm.

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