15 Spring Chunky Yarn Decor Ideas

Hello friends! I’m glad you’re here today because I’ve got some fantastic spring ideas to share with you! If you’ve been around for a while, you may remember some of my chunky yarn projects. I decided to put together a roundup of some great spring chunky yarn decor ideas that I have made along with some made by other talented bloggers that I thought were so cute. Let’s get into them!

16 spring chunky yarn decor ideas pinnable featured image.

Supplies you may need for spring chunky yarn decor:

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Spring Chunky Yarn Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for doors! Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut and not think outside of the box with our home decor. So we stick wreaths on our door and frames on our walls and call it a day. I encourage you to consider where else you can add wreaths in your home.

Of course, you always need one on the door. I mean what kind of homemakers would we be if we didn’t have one on the door?! These wreaths made with chunky yarn are adorable and perfect for doors, walls, cabinets, chairs, and more!

Spring Chunky Yarn Wreath with Beveled Edge Wood Shapes

Spring chunky yarn wreath featured image.

Braided Chunky Yarn Wreath

You can use this wreath all year long!

Braided chunky yarn wreath

Hand Crocheted Chunky Yarn Wreath

No crochet skills needed at all! This wreath is so easy. I used a wire wreath form, but you can use a styrofoam wreath form if you prefer.

Bunny Wreath

Chunky Yarn Bunny Wreath featured image with text "DIY" & site logo

Bunny Loop Yarn Wreath by Autumn of It’s Always Autumn

I love this chunky loop yarn wreath mixed with the texture of the burlap ears. Adorable, right?!

Colorful Chunky Merino Yarn Wreath by Camila of Effortless Style

I love the colors in this, and it will take you into summer if you wish. It is a simple wreath, made like my hand crocheted chunky yarn wreath. She used a large crochet hook, but you don’t have to. You can make it exactly like I made mine.

Bright color chunky yarn spring wreath hand crocheted with a yellow and pink felt bow.

Spring Birdhouse Loop Wreath

This wreath was created by Craft Warehouse, but the link is no longer working. The wreath looks very simple to make. Wrap chunky loop yarn around a styrofoam wreath form, then add a DT birdhouse and bow.

A spring robin's egg chunky yarn blue loop yarn wreath with a birdhouse in the center with a bird on top of the it, and a fabric scrap bow holding the wreath up.

Bunny & Carrot Decor

Tabletop Bunny

This bunny was just shared to Pinterest from social media. It’s easy to make with a wood Dollar Tree bunny covered with gray chunky yarn mounted on a 12″ piece of wood. Make some buffalo check carrots, moss covered eggs and place them on the wood. Top the bunny off with a bow, and you’re done! Let me know if you know who made this so I can credit them.

Tabletop Bunny Head made by Janice of Creating Through the Chaos

Isn’t this cute? I would mount it on a piece of wood from Dollar Tree (either stained or painted) to help hold it up on your table, mantle, or countertop. For my spring decor I would leave it without a face with faux flowers at the meeting of the bunny ears like you see on all of the bunny wreaths.

A Dollar Tree bunny upcycled as spring decor, wrapped with chunky yarn, floral fabric on the ears with a pink bow below the ears topped with a white rose.

Chunky Yarn Huggable Bunny by Agnes of Just That Perfect Piece

This is just too stinking cute! They would look great on tiered trays and in vignettes. You could make a larger one to place at the bottom of your console table or in a lantern.

Dusty rose colored chunky yarn bunny with a white embroidery yarn pom pom tail.

Chunky Yarn Carrot made by Barb of The Shabby Tree

Barb used a wire hanger for this. I wouldn’t pull the wire so tightly at the tip, or perhaps allow more of a gradual thinning to the end. I wanted to share this project because she’s using actual chunky yarn. This color would look great on upcycled Dollar Tree carrots like the ones in my carrot garland.

The second picture was just shared from social media to Pinterest without a credit to the creator. If you know who made these, let me know! I believe these are made with the Dollar Tree carrots.

Orange chunky yarn used to make a spring decor carrot topped with faux greenery.
Orange chunky yarn carrots topped with brown bunnies with black and white buffalo check bows for spring decor.

Spring Pom Pom Decor

Pom Pom Garland by Kaytee of Kaytee Lauren

I love these colors! You could swap out the mustard for a different spring color if you’d rather. Kaytee used this pom pom garland on her Christmas tree, but I would use it on my spring mantle or across my large picture window in my living room like my twine bunny and carrot garland.

Mustard, blush, and white chunky yarn pompoms strung together on a garland to use on mantles as spring decor.

Pompom Daisy Rug made by Laura & Warren of The Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

This project would require a lot of time and money, but for a custom spring rug it’s worth it. Laura used 15 skeins of yarn for her 4×6 rug. It looks so comfy, doesn’t it?!

White, gray, and yellow chunky yarn pompoms used to make a daisy rug for spring decor.

DIY Pom Pom Bunny made by Stephanie of StephanieHanna.com

I had to screen shot this because it is too cute not to share! I searched Stephanie’s site but couldn’t find a tutorial for this bunny that she shared on Pinterest through an Idea Pin. It doesn’t seem like she’s written a DIY post since October of 2022, but she’s a busy lady posting about other things. I just couldn’t not share this idea. She used two styrofoam balls of different sizes and connected with a wood dowel in the center. She made and glued pom poms (they look to be 1.5″ to 2″) all over. Before she covered the top with pom poms she added a bunny ear headband then wrapped chunky yarn around them. Finally, she wrapped merino wool yarn around the neck and tied it in a bow. She lined the ears with the yarn, but it’s not required.

Other Spring Chunky Yarn Decor Ideas

Chunky Yarn Flowers made by Doti of Dappled Skies and DIYs

This is such a cute and unique idea! I’ve made tons of paper flowers to use throughout my home, and my wedding bouquets were paper flowers. I love Doti’s idea here. You could customize them in a million ways to fit your farmhouse style decor.

Spring chunky Yarn flowers made with white and gray chunky yarn with half wood beads in the center placed in a glass vase.

Loopy Yarn Lamb Treat Jar made by Gail of Purple Hues & and Me

My sweet fried Gail made this absolutely adorable jar with two socks, loopy yarn, and a pickle jar! She’s so talented and I just love this! Who’s thinking Lamb Chop?!

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