Decorate with Me: Laundry Area Decor

Welcome friends! Today we’re continuing our Decorate with Me Fall Series. Terrie over at Decorate and More with Tip and I are sharing how we styled our laundry area or laundry room for fall. Let’s get into it!

Fall laundry area featured image.

Laundry Soap Dispensers

I got these adorable detergent/fabric softener dispensers on Amazon that I absolutely love. My dryer can be seen from certain parts of my kitchen, so I wanted to have something cute on my dryer from now till forever, lol. These dispensers are huge. I had about 3/4 of a 64oz bottle of laundry detergent left, and it only filled up half of the jar. The tags that are on them are

I placed the dispensers on a wood tray on top of the dryer so that I could get to them easily when I wash clothes. To the center of the tray I added a small vase (which came in a 3 pack) with dried baby’s breath.

Tray on top of a dryer with large glass mason jars with dispensers and tags for laundry detergent and fabric softener with a vase & baby's breath and fall pumpkins on either side.

Covering the Shelf

My husband and father-in-law decided to hang a shelf above our washer and dryer soon after we bought our house. The only issue is that it isn’t centered! I also hate that everything is showing on the shelf, so I decided to cover it. I didn’t have quite enough fabric to cover it, so I had to leave a gap at each end. That’s ok because nothing is showing on the shelf. I plan to get some tacks or something to hang the fabric (along with more fabric), but for now I just used painter’s tape.

Laundry area with a washing machine & dryer, a tray with laundry detergent & other fall decor on it, & a shelf hung above them with fall colored fabric covering it.

I’m going to be doing a DIY soon to cover that section where the water hookups are, so stay tuned for that. I hate that area!

Laundry Area Fall Nook

Finally, we have a rack to hang the mop, broom, and other things on in the corner of the laundry area on which I hung a fall wreath.

Corner of laundry area with a basket filled with a fall pillow, orange blanket, and a "home sweet home" sign and a wreath hung on a rack above the basket.

Normally I have a basket that I collect the dirty laundry in below that, but for the purposes of this post, I removed it and added a box for height and put a cute basket on it. Inside I added two thick towels for more height, an orange blanket, and a cute throw pillow.

Corner of laundry area with a basket filled with a fall pillow, orange blanket, and a "home sweet home" sign.

That wraps up my little fall laundry area!

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Before you go, head over and check out Terrie decorated her fall laundry area and back entrance!

Terrie – Decorate and More with Tip | Fall Laundry Room Decor

Terrie's fall laundry area and back entrance with pumpkins & other fall decor.

Join us next week for more Decorate with Us fall decorating!

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    Fall laundry area Pinterest image.

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    1. You have made a workspace so fun and festive. I love all your Fall touches in your laundry room, I also love those soap dispensers.

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