Fall Twig Wreath Tutorial

Happy almost September, my friends! Today Terrie over at Decorate and More with Tip and Tammy at Patina and Paint, and I are each sharing a fall wreath tutorial, and I’ve decided to make my first ever twig wreath. It turned out gorgeous, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

Fall Twig Wreath Supplies

  • twig wreath form
  • dried grasses- There’s plenty of the ones that I used in this set, plus pampas grass and bunny tails that you can use in other decor, for a really affordable price.
  • hairspray- I used this just because it’s what I use in my hair too.
  • scissors- I love these!
  • ribbon- I used 2.5″ and 1.5″ fall ribbons.
Fall twig wreath supplies: twig wreath form, ribbon, scissors, and dried grass.

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Insert Grass into Wreath Form

When I first started this project, I thought about using all sorts of pampas grasses and dried grasses in my fall twig wreath, but I thought it looked so beautiful with just one simple dried grass throughout. I’m not sure exactly what kind of dried grass it is that I used, but it’s the kind that comes in every pampas grass package that you can buy on Amazon, like this one.

If need be, cut the end of your dried grass a bit. I needed to because of the way this wreath form was woven. Insert the end of the grass into the wreath form and slide it as far as you can.

Adding the 1st piece of dried grass to a fall twig wreath form.

Decide how much grass you want to have filling out your fall twig wreath, then place the second piece of grass accordingly. Mine is pretty full, even with the amount of space you see here.

Adding the 2nd piece of dried grass to a fall twig wreath form.

Here’s is my wreath about halfway complete. it really is that easy! Also, this is about the length that I cut most of my dried grass.

Once your wreath is full, use hairspray to set the dried grass in that fanned out way and to keep it from falling forward.

Spraying the fall twig wreath's dried grass with hairspray.

Embellish with a Bow

For my bow I used two different ribbons only because I wanted some of the light blue that’s in the 1.5″ ribbon to be in my wreath since that will match my fall porch sign that I upcycled from Dollar Tree. The tutorial on that is coming next week.

I made two four-loop bows, then attached them with pipe cleaner. I left two tails on both bows.

Combining two smaller bows to make a large one.

To finish off the bow, I added a small loop to the front. To keep it simple I cheated and glued it on the front. No one says you can’t do that if it looks good!

Attach the bow to the bottom center of your fall twig wreath with the pipe cleaner securing your two bows together. Position it so it’s hidden by the twigs and the grass on the wreath.

Attaching my bow to the fall twig wreath with a pipe cleaner.

Your fall twig wreath and my tutorial is complete!

What do you think? I love how it turned out, don’t you?! I thought about adding pumpkins and/or bronze acorns, but I feel like it’s perfect just the simple way it is!

Fall twig wreath filled with wheat stems and an orange bow at the bottom.

I had to hang my fall twig wreath in my entryway tonight because the weather is horrible right now, and I finished it super, super late! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but as soon as it clears up, I’ll update the photo so you can see how it looks outside. Next week I’ll be sharing my full fall porch, so be sure to come back to check it out!

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Before you go, head over and check out Tammy decorated their fall wreaths and porches!

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