Valentine’s Day Globe Upcycle

You are going to love this Valentine’s Day globe upcycle when you add it to your holiday decorations. Our master bedroom is navy, blush, and gold, so after V-day it’s heading to my room! So, let’s get this tutorial started!

Coffee table display of flowers and Valentine's DIY globe.

Designing Devotion Edition

This small world globe has been in my stash for a few months. I had been wanting to add a globe to our home decor so when I saw it, I grabbed it. I got it from Five Below for $2.50; what a steal! It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, so I thought this was the perfect time to use it.

We will be using vinyl to cut 1 John 4:19 to place on the globe. The scripture states “We love because He first loved us.” This is a Designing Devotion post, so following the tutorial I will be adding a devotional and a short prayer. I will be adding these posts as I feel God moving me to do so.

Items you need for your Valentine’s Day globe:

  • small globe
  • blush metallic spray paint
  • white paint
  • clear paint with gold glitter
  • 2.5″ blush lace and glitter ribbon
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • gold vinyl or stencils
  • die-cutting machine or a word program
  • scissors
  • transfer tape if you use vinyl

Paint your Valentine’s Day globe

First you need to detach the globe from the stand. Simply pull out on each end of the stand where it meets the globe, and the globe easily comes out. You can learn from my mistake here. I spray painted both the globe and the stand metallic blush pink. Four coats and 48 hours later, I put it back together. It did not look like I thought it would!

SO- spray paint the globe with the blush and paint the stand with either white acrylic paint or white chalk paint. I had the chalk paint at the ready, so I used it. The globe will take a while because you do not want that sucker to start rolling around and mess up your hard work. I attempted to put dowels straight through each hole, but I was the only one home and couldn’t find a place on my balcony that wouldn’t get spray paint everywhere. I went to just spraying a side, then drying, then rolling it a bit, etc.

Once your stand is dry, add a coat of your gold glitter acrylic paint. It adds a little sparkle to what’s a bit plain.

Make a Design for the Globe

You have several options for creating the scripture to put on your Valentine’s DIY globe. You can use a die cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette, use stencils, free-hand the words, or use a word program and a printer.

I used my Cricut.

Create the Design for the Valentine’s Day Globe in Design Space

Open a new project in Cricut Design Space. Click the “text” button on the left hand task bar.

Press text button to begin creating the Valentine's DIY Globe in Design Space.

In the text box that pops up type, “We love because.” Then in the font box at the top of the screen, choose Silvermoon. Then change the font size to 63.94. If you have a bigger globe than the one I bought at Five Below, then you can choose a larger font size.

"we love because" text in Design Space for Valentine's DIY globe.

Open another text box and type the next line of scripture which is “He first loved us.” Change the font to “A Frightful Affair” and the font size to 52.71.

"He first loved us" quote in Design Space for Valentine's DIY globe.

Now open one more text box, and type the scripture verse, “John 4:19.” Change the font to Silvermoon once again and the font size to 63.94.

Cut the Design

In the upper right corner of Design Space, click the green “Make It” button. (Note- I had to go back and add the 1 to 1 John, so you won’t see the one in the following pics. Make sure yours is in the text.)

Make it button to get to cutting screen for the Valentine's DIY globe.

If your Cricut isn’t on, go ahead and press the on button at the top of the right side. Open the machine with the open button on the left side. Turn the wheel to the “vinyl” setting. Place your sheet of vinyl on your standard grip mat.

Press the continue button at the bottom of the screen.

Continue button to cut image for Valentine's DIY globe.

Now you will load your vinyl and gripping mat into the machine. Load the mat by slipping it under the small slats on each side and while adding a little pressure to the mat, press the flashing arrow button. It will be pulled into the machine a bit. The Cricut button will then begin to flash; then press it. Now the machine will cut your image. Once it is finished press the flashing arrow again to eject the mat from the Cricut.

Cut & Weed the Design

Remove the vinyl from the mat. Cut the section of vinyl with the scripture away from the rest of the sheet. Separate the three lines of scripture from one another with scissors. No one was home as I was making this, so I wasn’t able to get pictures of the weeding.

Remove the vinyl from around the words. Weed any vinyl inside of the letters, like the circle from inside an “o.”

Next, you need to put transfer paper onto the lines of the quote. I use contact paper from Dollar Tree. I haven’t used more than three rolls of it in about 4 years. It works perfectly and saves you big money. Cut the paper to the sizes you need, then go over the letters with a scraper or credit card. This will allow you to separate the words from the backing. It keeps the letters together so that you don’t have uneven words.

Appy the Design to the Valentine’s Day Globe

Adding words or images on curved surfaces can be tricky. Cut the scripture into individual words because it’s easier to put the smallest image possible at once on the surface. Pull the backing off the word “We” and place it on the globe. Use a credit card to trace over the letters several times, then pull the transfer paper off.

Valentines Day globe attaching the word "We" to it in gold vinyl.

Next add “love” and “because.” If your word isn’t going on straight, make small cuts with scissors in between the letters which will allow you to place one letter, then manipulate the next letter to be evenly placed beside the other.

Now you can put the next line on. This line will be easier to place because you can follow the indention in the globe. Follow the same process for this part of the quote and then the final line.

Add a Bow

I planned on just painting the globe and then putting the vinyl on, but when I did it looked a little plain. Remember the addition of the white paint in the beginning? This is when I changed my mind. However, you benefitted from my mistake, so you are already finished with all the painting. If you like the uniform look, you can stick with painting it all one color.

I had this beautiful lace and glitter 2.5″ blush wired ribbon. Love! Cut about 4″ of ribbon to make a bow. Pinch the beginning of the ribbon, make a loop, then bring the ribbon back to the first pinch. Make another loop, then you will end up with three “pinches” of the ribbon. You’re basically making a bow that looks like one you’d tie in your hair.

Cut about a 3″ piece of a pipe cleaner to finish the bow. Twist it around the middle of the bow when you’ve pinched off all of the sections. Use a piece of the ribbon to hot glue on to cover the pipe cleaner.

White 1/8" ribbon covering floral wire securing a pink and white lace bow.

Perfect Valentine’s Day globe to add to your decor!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. I love how it ended up, even if I had to change it after the first round of paint. When you make yours add a picture of it in the comments below and on social media. Tag me in your pic! Please like and share this tutorial because sharing is caring!

Valentines Day globe complete and sitting behind a tabletop Valentine's Day decor piece.

If you like the cute tabletop decor piece above, check out the tutorial for it here!

Design and Devote? Crafter & Christian? Decisions, decisions.

1 John 4:19 Devotional

We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Jesus’ disciple John is called the one whom Jesus loved. Jesus gave his mother to be John’s mother at the time of His death, despite her having children other than Jesus. They must have had a special, brotherly relationship.

Jesus came into this world to live a perfect life and die to cover our multitude of sins. In John 15:13, ESV, Jesus tells us, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” That is exactly what He did for us.

In the fourth chapter of 1 John, God is calling us out to be the ones that live in the world, and show His love. We are told that in the way that God loves us, we are supposed to love one another.

The world is crazy right now. It can be scary to see all of the headlines, wondering what will happen next. Will God step in, will it be in the way that we want Him to? God didn’t create us to fear. He tells us so over and over in His Word. Do not fear, He says. In 1 John 4:18 He tells us how to do that. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” He loves us in a perfect love.

So I pray,

Father I thank you for the perfect love that you give to us. I thank you for salvation that you freely give us when we accept Jesus as your Son. I pray that we will always keep in mind that you are Love and you abide in us. Help us today and everyday to love as you have commanded. If we fear in anything, remind us that you love your children with a perfect love so fear is unnecessary. We pray that we will have in the forefront of our minds that, “we love because you first loved us.” I ask these things in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Thank you dear readers!

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