Farmhouse Style St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece

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With less than a month to go until St. Patrick’s Day, it’s time to make your decor to display for the holiday! Today I’m sharing an adorable farmhouse style St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece that you can make with a few Dollar Tree supplies. In fact, I made this for less than $6! Let me show you how to make your own centerpiece.

St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece Supplies:

St. Patrick's Day centerpiece supplies: wood crate, shamrocks, 3/16" wood dowels, white and moss green chalk paint, and Quick Grip.

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Stain or Paint the Crate

A lot of Dollar Tree wood is quite rough. If yours is, sand it wherever it needs it.

Stain or paint the crate. I used Rust-oleum weathered gray stain and polyurethane in one.

Staining the wood crate that will be the St. Patrick's Day centerpiece base.

I was worried that some of the inside of the crate would show, so I gave it a light coat of stain. You don’t have to do the whole inside, just the upper 1/4 or so.

Staining the inside of the wood crate.

Paint the Shamrocks

While your crate is drying, you can move onto the shamrocks that will be inserted into the St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece.

Remove the paper layer that comes on the Dollar Tree shamrocks. Luckily it’s only on one side. You will need to do this on five of them.

Removing the paper from the shamrocks so they can be placed in the St. Patrick's Day centerpiece.

Paint both sides with your green paint. In my case it was moss by Waverly.

Painting the St. Patrick's Day centerpiece shamrocks moss green.

My shamrocks needed two coats of paint for full coverage.

Cut the Wood Dowels to Fit the Centerpiece

The wood dowels that I used are 12″ long. That would be way too long to place the shamrocks in the St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece, so I cut them in half.

Mark three dowels at 6″.

Measuring a wood dowel.

Cut them in half at the mark.

Sawing a wood dowel in half to place in the St. Patrick's Day centerpiece.

Paint five of the dowels white.

Painting wood dowels white.

Print & Add “Lucky” to the Centerpiece’s Shamrocks

Download & print my “lucky” design. If you have a cutting machine you could cut vinyl letters instead.

Turn the paper face down and scribble over the back of the letters with a pencil. You want a good coating of lead on it.

Scribbling over the back of the letters for the St. Patrick's Day centerpiece with a pencil.

Cut the letters apart so that you can place them individually on each shamrock.

Cutting the letters in "lucky" apart.

Place the cut letters on each shamrock and tape them in place. I like to use painter’s tape because it doesn’t damage the paint.

Taping a paper letter onto a shamrock.

Transfer Letters to the Shamrocks

Trace the outline of the letters taped to the shamrocks. Press down firmly.

Tracing the letter "u" on paper to transfer it onto a shamrock.

Lift up one side of the paper, leaving one of the pieces of tape in place, and ensure that the letter has been transferred onto the shamrock. If so, remove the paper, and if not, trace over it again.

Lifting the paper with the letter "u" up from the shamrock ensuring that the pencil outline of the letter is on it.

Here are all of my shamrocks with the pencil outline letters on them.

Green shamrocks with the letters in "lucky" in pencil lines on them.

Finally, fill in the pencil outlines with a paint pen. If you don’t have one, you could use a small paint brush and regular paint. It’s just a lot easier with a paint pen!

Filling in the pencil letters on the shamrocks with a black paint pen.

Glue the Shamrocks to Wood Dowels

Add some Beacon Quick Grip or E6000 to the end of the painted dowels.

Squeezing Quick Grip to the tip of a wood dowel.

Place the glued dowel on the back of the shamrock. If you’re using Quick Grip, lift the dowel up three times before holding it in place. That allows it to adhere faster.

Placing the glued wood dowel to the back of the shamrock.

I clipped the dowel in place for a few minutes to allow the glue to dry. Normally Quick Grip dries extremely quickly so I prefer it to E6000.

Shamrock clipped to a wood dowel to allow the glue to dry.

Assemble the St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece

Measure two pieces of floral foam and cut it to fit into the crate, then place them into it.

Placing floral foam into a wood crate to hold the dowels in the St. Patrick's Day centerpiece.

Cover the floral foam with moss.

Insert the shamrock letters into the St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece. I staggered them a bit because this crate isn’t wide enough to place them side by side. That also gave it a little depth.

Inserting shamrocks on dowels into the St. Patrick's Day centerpiece.

St. Patrick’s Day Centerpiece Video Tutorial:

That’s it! It’s time to display your centerpiece!

I really like how this St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece goes with my farmhouse style decor. What do you think?

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