Envelopes: How to address them with a Cricut

Today I am sharing a tutorial on how to address envelopes with a Cricut. You can use this to address wedding invitations, party invitations, thank you notes, or even the envelopes and folders that keep your office orderly at home or at work. Your envelopes will look elegant and neat.

Bloggers A to Z Challenge letter E

You will need:

  • Cricut
  • pen that fits in the Cricut clamp A
  • Cricut standard grip mat
  • envelope

Step 1- Create a rectangle the size of the envelope.

Open your cricut Design Space program. Click on the shape button on the left side of the screen and select the square. Click the lock on the bottom left of the shape. This will allow you to make the square the size of your envelope. I am using an A2 envelope that is 7″x5.” In the height and width boxes in the upper tool bar change the width to 7 and height to 5. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

Step 2-Write the address & return address (if desired).

Click the text button on the side bar. After writing each line of the address press enter so every part of the address will be on its own line. Type the address in the box, and choose the font you like. For this tutorial, we’re working with Blossom from the Cricut Access subscription.

To align the lines properly, select the text box and click the down arrow next to the “alignment” on the second row of top toolbar and choose center. Next create another text box, and input the return address if you wish to have one, then center those lines like before. Select each box of text and change the style from cut to write in the drop down menu on the top toolbar that says “style.” Then arrange the boxes on the rectangle where you want them to be written.

Step 3- Make the design one cohesive piece.

With the addresses in the correct place, it’s time to create one design. Hold the shift key and select the return address, the recipient address, and the rectangle. Click the attach button on the bottom right of the screen. This is how your addresses will be written in the right place to address envelopes with a Cricut. For some reason since one of the Design Space updates, when text is attached to what it’ll be written on, you will only see the rectangle, or whatever you’re writing on at that time. It’s ok, don’t freak out, the words are still there. Finally you need to hide the rectangle which will stop it from being cut. Since we already have the envelope, you won’t need to cut it. Click the eye button next to the layer on the right side; this will hide it, and you will see your text again.

On to the writing! Choose “Make It” on the bottom right of the screen. Now you’ll be on the screen where your mats are. You’ll see the text boxes in their correct places to be written.

Step 4-Load the envelope and write.

Click the green continue button on the bottom right of the screen. This will make the machine ready to write. Place your envelope on a standard grip mat. They are green, but mine is pink as it is another brand and 12×24 instead of 12×12. It doesn’t matter what your dial is set on since you won’t be cutting. You have two clamps on your Cricut, one to hold the blade that cuts and another one that’s usually empty. Place the pen in clamp A, pressing slightly until it clicks.

Load your mat into your Cricut. Slide it under the tabs on each side of the machine putting slight pressure, and press the flashing arrow button. Now the “c” button will be flashing. Press it to begin writing on the envelope. Once it is finished, the arrow button will flash again. Press it to eject the mat from the machine.

All done. It’s easy to do, and you can address envelopes with a Cricut whenever you’d like to fancy up some mail!

address envelopes with a Cricut

I hope this tutorial has helped you learn how to address envelopes with a Cricut, and has shown you how easy it is to write with it. Pin this tutorial so you have it next time you need to write using the machine. Follow me on Pinterest to see all of the DIYs that will help you to DIY a life you love!

This post is part of the A to Z Bloggers Challenge. During the month of April I will be doing a post a day (except on Sundays), each revolving around a letter of the alphabet. Today is the letter E. E for envelope. If you have any post ideas for the letters of the alphabet, please comment below. I could use the help. Since I didn’t learn about this challenge until today, I will be making up A-D over the next few days.

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  1. I had no idea I could do this with a Cricut! My handwriting is less than desirable, and I just bet anyone needing to read it would appreciate it if I did this to my letters. Thanks for sharing.

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