Hairbrush Vinyl Monogram

In our house we have several Wet brushes so I added our vinyl monograms to them to know who’s who’s. It’s so easy to use the Cricut to make monograms or initials to add to items. I remember when my mom would write my name on my jackets inside or my lunchbox. I was always so embarrassed. I have no clue why, but I was. This was you can add your or your child’s name to anything without looking goofy, ha!

Also- today is bloggers A to Z Challenge letter H. No surprise, letter H is for hairbrush.

To make a vinyl monogram for your hairbrush (or other items) you need:

  • hairbrush
  • Cricut & vinyl/ or letter stencils
  • scissors
  • transfer paper or contact paper from Dollar Tree

Create your monogram.

Open Design Space and create a text box that you will enter your letters in. You will make three separate boxes, one for each letter of your name. That way you can make the initial of your last name larger, and so you can fit the letters of your first and middle names right next to the last name.

If you aren’t a Southern Belle, where we monogram everything, you last name will go in the middle with your first name on the left and your middle on the right. You can choose to make your last name in a scripty font and your other two initials in a straighter font, or all in the same font. I used Elegant Cake font for my last initial, and Baby Steps for my first and middle.

Cut the monogram

Next you will cut the design on indoor or outdoor vinyl. I always use outdoor. It holds better, and takes a few punches. Like me or my kids dropping the brush on the floor, counter, or sink a few hundred times!

Click the green “Make It” button on the top right of the screen. That will take you to the cut screen. Load your vinyl of a green cut mat, and turn the dial on your Cricut to “vinyl.” Click “continue” at the bottom of the screen, and press the flashing arrow button on your machine as you slightly push your mat into it. Press the flashing “C” and the cutting will begin. Eject the cut mat when the arrow begins flashing again.

Weed and prepare the design

Remove the vinyl from around your design. Once the outside is removed, carefully “weed” out any extra that may be inside of the letters.

Next use contact paper or transfer tape to move the design from the vinyl backing onto the brush (or whatever surface you’re applying to). Lay the sticky part of the contact paper (I use this because you can get years’ worth for $1) on top of the design. Use a credit care or another type of scraper and trace the design through the contact paper.

When you have the design securely on the contact paper, peel away the vinyl backing. Carefully line up your design above where you want it to be on the brush. Lay the it on the brush and begin going over the design again with the credit card. Again, when it’s securely on the brush, pull the contact paper away. You now have your very own vinyl monogram on your brush!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s tutorial on how to create a vinyl monogram for your hairbrush! Today’s letter H for the A to Z Challenge is now complete! Come back tomorrow for letter I! I still don’t know what it will be, so I’ll be finding out right along with you!

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