Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Tech Mom

Today I have some Mother’s Day gift ideas to share with you. It’s almost mid-April which means it’ll be here before you know it. I’ve compiled a list of five perfect tech gift ideas to fit the perfect tech-y Mom. Feel free to leave this page open on your computer as a hint, wink wink.

Today’s blogger A to Z Challenge is the letter I. I for Ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.


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Gift Ideas for the Tech-y Mom

Instant Photo Printer

We moms love documenting our family life with pictures. For some reason we never end up being able to do anything with them except post them to social media. Wouldn’t you love to be able to hang them up in your home without waiting around for them to be shipped or heading to Walmart to figure out how to print them yourself? I think any mom would love that. This Canon instant printer is the perfect solution. This package comes with a twenty pack of photo paper and comes in a beautiful shade of teal.

Samsung Earbuds- I have these and they are amazing!

What mom doesn’t listen to music or a podcast while cleaning?! I cannot clean and not dance. It’s not happening! Does your mom do a lot of waiting around? Like at the doctor’s office, baseball or dance practice, music lessons? These Samsung ear buds are amazing to listen to music or do some binge watching with. I have them and they are beyond great! They filter out background noise so you can just sit back and relax. Oops, I meant your mom can sit back and listen…

Samsung Galaxy Active Watch 2

Sticking with the Samsung line of electronics is the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch. I also have this, and I LOVE it. I had the first version of the watch, and this updated version is sooo much better. It isn’t too big for a dainty wrist like others can be. I’ve had it a year and it’s still in perfect condition. It’s water resistant which makes it great for working out, but it can be dressed up for going out. I have ventricle tachycardia and the heart rate monitor functions just like the one at the doctor. I have to take an extra pill when my heart rate gets to high, and this watch hasn’t failed me yet. There are a lot of options for tracking your workouts, water intake, and sleep cycles. You can update the screen for working out, going out, or going to work. It’s a can’t miss Mother’s Day gift!

Movie Projector

Summer will be here soon, and the kids will be out of school. You can use this projector for a backyard party or just a family movie night. Gather in your backyard, pop some popcorn and put out other snacks, lay out blankets and have a blast with the family. When your children grow up, they won’t remember the gifts and playing XBox in their rooms, they will remember the moments. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. I already have several theme nights planned. You can also use this to project pictures and family videos. I love that!

Personal Alarm

This Alphahom personal safety device is the perfect gift for every mom. You will also want to get one for your children as well. You attach it to your keys, purse, bookbag, etc to assure your personal safety. When it is activated, the bluetooth device sends out a panic message to all of the emergency contacts in your phone, unlimited contacts. It automatically sends your GPS location. Do you run or walk for exercise in the evenings? Or along an area that isn’t well traveled? Your family will get live locations for the duration of your route. When you twist the Alphahom to activate it, your emergency contacts’ phone will blast with a loud alarm, and yours will do the same. This will draw attention to you making anyone following or attempting to harm you to run away from you. You can get one for the mom in your life, and there’s also a two pack, one for your mom and one for a grandparent or for your child to attach to his/her bookbag.

This is the link for one personal alarm.

Get this two pack for you and your mom, or you and your child.

I hope you will consider these tech gifts as Mother’s Day gift ideas this year. Tomorrow I’ll be back with a letter J post for the blogger’s A to Z Challenge. Stick around and check out the posts from letters E, F, G, and H.

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