Beach Themed Tiered-Tray

I have been working on some DIYs to create a beach themed tiered-tray, and I am ready to share it with you now. Most of the items on my tray come from Dollar Tree. I just upcycled them, personalizing them to fit into my home and tray. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Things you will need to make your beach themed tiered-tray:

You can get most of the items below at Dollar Tree.

  • beach themed cardstock pack- I got mine on sale at Michael’s for $6
  • 3.5″ wide piece of wood- You will make each “book” 5″ long. I made three, therefore using 15″ length.
  • twine
  • home wood sign
  • whale wood sign
  • wood birdhouse
  • seashells
  • faux flowers
  • blue glass gems

Bottom Tier

We’ll start with my Dollar Tree sign upcycle. I bought a little 3-D sign (I don’t know what else to call it, lol) that had flowers in the background and a mini sign that said “gather” on it. I removed the sign from the middle and replaced it with cardstock from my beach themed pack. Check out this tutorial to get the step-by-step instructions for making your own.

beach themed tiered-tray objects- faux wood books and "I'll meet you at the beach" sign.

Next to the sign above you can see my three faux books. They are everywhere on Pinterest, so I tried making my own. I love how they turned out. I used 3.5″ wide wood and cut three 5″ long books. The wood was around $1, then I used more cardstock from the beach pack. Use this tutorial to make your own “books” for your beach themed tiered-tray!

The whale made of wood came blank at Dollar Tree. It seemed perfect for the tray. I painted it using the colors that were in my other items. I painted the whale steel blue, the base gray, and the “water” blowing from the blowhole white. Then I just popped him on the bottom tier.

Behind the whale you can see a white birdhouse. It also came from Dollar Tree, and I’ve been saving it until I found the perfect thing to do with it. I painted it white with a gray base and robin’s egg blue roof. I glued a seashell on the back and sat it facing backward on top of a tiny terracotta pot painted in the same robin’s egg blue.

Finally, I put seashells around the other items. A conch shell sits on top of my books, not glued on, just sitting there. I also made a small “scroll” to place there. I rolled up a piece of white cardstock, penned “beach bum” on the side, then glued two wood beads, one on each end. At some point I want to make a few more scrolls, and try to perfect the process.

Faux books, seashells, blue wood whale, and a seashelled birdhouse on the bottom of the beach themed tiered-tray.

Top tier of the beach themed tiered-tray

Up front, I added a white “home” sign. It of course came from the Dollar Tree. The wood it’s made from is a little bit fray-y. That’s the only way to describe it. I sanded it, but it never really got smooth. The same went for the birdhouse and whale above. It’s ok though, you don’t notice it once it’s on the tray.

I had a “K” ornament in gold that I bought before Christmas. It had two decorative hooks in the package, and I hung it from the handle of the tray. That keeps it higher than the home sign, so it’s always visible.

Next is the “Away We Go” sign. I bought a 4×5 canvas from Dollar Tree. They have tons of craft items now! I painted it robin’s egg blue. Using the same pack of cardstock, I cut nautical phrase and anchor out of one page. I used Mod Podge to attach it to the canvas. Behind the sign I have a larger shell that holds it upright.

Finally I added a vase. At the bottom I have a layer of teal sand, then white rocks, followed by blue glass gems. I used the white flowers in Easter egg vases during Easter, so I had to cut the stems to about 1.5″. Since they were that short, I had to use all the layers to hold the flowers in. Then I put a few shells around the other items.

That’s what’s on my tray this summer!

I hope this helps you dress up your tiered-trays for summer! I love the beach theme, and it’s going to go throughout my house this summer. Stick around and check out my other summer DIYs.

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I hope you have a blessed weekend!

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