Christmas in July: Mini Wreath Ornaments

Welcome friends! Can you believe that we are more than halfway through the year?! That means that Christmas is less than 6 months away, and it means it’s time for Christmas in July! Today I am going to share a very easy Christmas ornament that you can make and customize to fit your Christmas color palette or theme. This adorable DIY mini wreath shaped Christmas ornament is made by crocheting macrame cord, but don’t worry! No previous crochet or macrame experience is needed for this project. Let me show you how easy it is!

DIY Mini wreath macrame ornament featured image.

Mini Macrame Wreath Ornament Supplies:

  • macrame cord- I used this 3mm white macrame cord.
  • I/9 5.25mm crochet hook or larger- If you would like to purchase more than just one hook, this pack contains a lighted crochet hook with 9 interchangeable hook heads with a case and stitch markers.
  • wood rings- I got a 6 pack at Dollar Tree, but here’s a cheap 100 pack of assorted sizes from Amazon.
  • thin ribbon
  • other embellishments like Christmas greenery, tiny Christmas shaped objects like snowflakes, etc.
  • scissors
Supplies for a mini wreath ornament: white macrame cord, wood rings, 5.5 crochet hook, red ribbon, and Christmas greenery.

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Crochet Macrame Cord onto Wood Ring

Don’t freak out if you’re not a crocheter! This is an easy project that anyone can do. This was my very first macrame project too, and it was a breeze. I will admit that I learned to crochet as a little girl, but never anything harder than triple chaining! So don’t give up on this project yet! Let me show you how easy it is.

If you need to see it in action to really get it, I will have one at the end of the post.

To start to cover the mini wreath ornament, bend a section the end of your macrame cord, creating a U-shape with about 3″ or more past the bend, and place it on the wood ring. You want just enough of the U, which we’ll now call a loop, above the ring for the crochet hook to slide through. The loop should fit from the center of the ring at the back through to the front.

Macrame cord looped on the edge of a wood ring with a crochet hook placed through the center.

This is what it should look like from the back before inserting the crochet hook.

View from the back of macrame cord looped on the edge of a wood ring.

Hook the crochet hook around the macrame cord and pull it through the loop. That is completes the first “line.”

Put the hook through the center of the ring and grab the cord and pull it through to the front side.

Crochet hook pulling a loop of cord around the wood ring so that 2 loops are on the hook. This is halfway through the second line on the ring.

Then grab another bit of macrame cord and pull it through both loops. That’s called a double chain. That completes the second line.

Continue putting the crochet hook through the ring, pulling a second loop around the front, then double chaining through them around the entire wood ring. This is the last double chain, bringing you back to the beginning of your mini wreath ornament.

Finish the Macrame Step

Now it’s time to finish the crocheting part of the DIY mini wreath ornament.

When you’re back at the starting point, place the crochet hook through the top two loops that are parallel to each other at the top of the start of the mini wreath.

Crochet hook through 2 loops of cord at the end of the macrame ornament, reaching out to grab the macrame cord length.

Hook the 3″ length of cord that you left at the beginning and pull it through both parallel loops and through the loop that you’re currently on. Then grab the 3″ cord and pull it through the loop completely. You may need to remove the crochet hook to do this.

Place the hook back into the loop and cut the cord that’s still attached to the roll to about 2″ or so. Pull the cord through the loop so that both ends are beside each other.

You could form a loop with one of the ends so that there’s no knot at the top (which I did on some of my later mini wreath ornaments), but to keep this easy for beginners, just going tie them in a knot about 1″ above the ornament. In this photo I was making long hangers, which didn’t look good on my mini Christmas tree. The small hanger is best for small trees. Cut the cords flush with the knot.

Here is the finished DIY mini wreath ornaments before embellishing.

A finished mini wreath ornament with white macrame cord crocheted around a wood ring.

Embellish the Mini Wreath Ornament

There are endless ways to embellish these wreath shaped ornaments: ribbon, Christmas shapes, greenery, tiny ornaments, etc. I couldn’t get to my stored Christmas craft supplies, like little wood shapes, so I used ribbon, greenery, and seashells that I had on hand.

Make tiny bows with thin ribbon. I used 5/8″ Christmas ribbon for a few. I also added some greenery to a few, which you will see in the tutorial video.

Two finished mini wreath ornaments made with white macrame cord, one topped with a red bow with "Merry Christmas" on it and the 2nd topped with the bow & Christmas greenery.

On four of the mini wreath macrame ornaments I used a coastal Christmas theme. I used 1.5″ starfish ribbon on them, because I didn’t have coastal themed ribbon in any smaller sizes, greenery, and tiny conch shells. Since these were my last wreath ornaments, I didn’t get photos of making the 1.5″ “bows,” but since it was wide, I cut 2.5″ pieces and tied a piece of jute twine around the center forming a sort of fake bow so it didn’t stick out too far. Then I glued the “bows,” greenery, and shells to the top.

Video Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial that may help those who are more visual learners. After all, we all learn best differently. I’m the weirdo that needs to read it to do it!

If you need to see anything at a slower speed, use the video controls to play at 1/2 speed or slower.

That’s it! Your mini wreath ornament made with macrame cord is complete!

Here are my finished wreath ornaments with the regular Christmas theme.

Three finished mini wreath ornaments made with white macrame cord, one topped with a red bow with "Merry Christmas" on it, the 2nd topped a green bow, and the 3rd topped with a red bow & Christmas greenery.

And here are my coastal Christmas mini wreath macrame ornaments.

Excuse the ugly little Christmas tree! Our Christmas decorations are in the back of the storage room in our garage, and I couldn’t dig them out myself! So, I put together what I could with things I had in my craft room!

A mini coastal themed Christmas tree with a starfish topper, a starfish print ribbon as a garland, and mini macrame wreath shaped Christmas ornaments hung on it.

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