Transforming Your Home on a Budget: Unveiling the Ultimate Coastal Farmhouse Decor Haul from Hobby Lobby – Under $108!

Hello ladies (and any gents that wonder in)! I am so excited to share with you my fabulous coastal farmhouse decor haul that I purchased from Hobby Lobby this week. With this decor haul I was about to redecorate my home’s main living areas for less than $108! Can you believe that?! A complete home makeover for about $100 is absolutely unheard of in today’s economy. Let me show you what I got and tell you how I plan to use them.

Coastal farmhouse Hobby Lobby haul featured image.

Coastal Farmhouse Wall Art Pieces from Hobby Lobby

First let me share the pieces that can be considered “wall art.” I don’t plan to use them all on the wall, but that would be their category.

This 11×14 canvas matches my new rug almost perfectly. The blues are found exactly in the rug and the main color very closely matches the pinks. My rug’s main color is a peachy-coral with a good bit of cornflower blue. The accent colors are navy, beige, and a light burgundy color (maybe berry?). I may try to dab in some of my Waverly coral chalk paint over some areas of the stripes. It was only $4.49!

An 11x14 decor canvas from Hobby Lobby that's white with a navy, cornflower and light blue starfish with some tan and peach spots in it with dusty pink, peachy-pink, and dusty pink stripes on the bottom half.

This “free as the ocean” sign is my absolute favorite piece. It was only $7.24, which is insane considering its size! It’s also 11×14, but it’s solid wood with a sisal rope hanger, a quintessential coastal farmhouse piece. For now, I’ve placed it on the bottom shelf of my sofa table, a focal point of our living room.

The last two pieces of my coastal farmhouse Hobby Lobby wall art decor haul are these beachy shadow box frames. One has a cerulean blue piece of coral and the other has a starfish. Since this color blue isn’t represented in my decor, I plan to remove them and repaint, either navy, a lighter blue, or coral. They were $7.99 each.

Two coastal shadow box decor frames from Hobby Lobby, one containing a piece of cerulean blue coral and the other the same color starfish mounted on a piece of natural colored linen.

Tabletop Decor Haul

Hobby Lobby had a great selection of tabletop coastal farmhouse decor pieces during my last visit. Once I got home, I immediately wished that I had picked up many more of them!

Pieces of decor from Hobby Lobby sitting on a coffee table, like a square navy sign that says "Stay anchored" in white, 3 blue and tan nautical print ribbons, a tabletop starfish piece, and a 12x12 shadow box with a blue piece of coral mounted on tan linen.

The starfish piece, on the right by the ribbons, was only $2.99. They had blue and white. The “stay anchored” sign was only $2.49!

Ribbon can be used to embellish so many decor pieces. Using coastal farmhouse ribbon is a great way to update your everyday pieces for the season, like I did with my tobacco basket. I added a lamb’s ear wreath which I embellished with this ribbon and a few starfish. (You’ll notice that I mounted the basket on the wall above the sofa table since the DIY post I shared Wednesday. What do you think?)

Next is this adorable coastal farmhouse starfish decor piece. You can use it as a tabletop decoration or hang it as wall art.

Finally, I bought the set of faux books ($2.49), the nautical rope orbs ($1), and the green sea glass vase with wicker wrapping ($2.50). In front of everything is a set of navy and white ores. I plan to attach those together since having them just lay somewhere didn’t really do it for me!

Updating Your Decor on a Budget

These Hobby Lobby clearance pieces were with all of the other coastal farmhouse decor, so I encourage you to check regular areas when looking for affordable pieces and not just the clearance section. Different stores have different ways to display their clearance items, so have patience and shop the entire store.

Many times, clearance items are things that didn’t sell well. I’ve noticed that a lot of times that’s because they aren’t mainstream colors that are used in a lot of homes. That can be so easily remedied! Purchase the items and simply repaint them like I did in this wall art update post. I will be updating several of these pieces for our Sustainable Pinterest Challenge on Monday, so be sure to follow me on social media and sign up for my emails so you don’t miss it!

Another reason that items might be on clearance is that they are damaged. That could be scratched paint, knicks on the surface, or broken glass. Snatch those items up because they are usually even cheaper than they would normally be! You can remove the glass from wall art completely and have a perfect piece or replace the glass with one that you already have at home. Fill the knicks and cracks with lightweight spackle, sand, and paint, and you have a brand-new decor piece for 90% less than the original would have been. I will be fixing the scratches on the faux books that you see above on Mondays post so that you can see how that’s done.

I hope that you enjoyed my coastal farmhouse decor haul from Hobby Lobby!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more DIY coastal farmhouse decor that you can make for your home, so be sure to follow me!

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    Coastal farmhouse Hobby Lobby haul Pinterest image.

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