45+ Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids for Under $20

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Valentine’s Day is quickly heading our way! Every year I like to get a few little things for my kids to let them know how much they are loved. With the economy in the tank we all need to find gifts that won’t break the bank. That’s where I come in! I’ve compiled a list of more than 45 of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for kids to narrow your search. Let’s get right to it!

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Valentine’s Books for Kids

These days our kids have way too much screen time. Why not instill a love of reading in them from an early age? Here are a few of the best Valentine’s or love themed books for little kids.

Happy Valentine’s Mouse

I’m sure ya’ll know the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books with this cute little guy. This Valentine’s themed book with our favorite mouse does not disappoint!

Llama Llama I Love You

This book has a special place in my heart. My daughter read the original to my son when I was pregnant. He’d roll and kick when she did. When he was born and he’d be screaming his baby lungs out, she’d start to read, and he’d immediately stop. He recognized the sound, and it calmed him. How sweet is that?!

Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine

How many of my ladies remember Amelia Bedelia?! She was so funny and will always be a childhood favorite.

Love You Forever

If you haven’t read this book, it is a must buy! Warning- keep some tissues nearby! It has the sweetest saying that you’ll be repeating until your boys are grown!

Berenstain Bears: Valentine’s Blessings

Who doesn’t love the Berenstain Bears?! They bring back fond childhood memories for most of us. This book is about Brother Bear getting a secret admirer which Sister Bear teases him about. In steps Mama and Papa Bear to explain to the children that all love comes straight from God, the author and perfecter of love!

Laugh Out Loud Valentine’s Day Jokes

My son always has a funny joke to tell. I have no ideas where he gets them. This book is great for the jokester in your life!

Valentine’s Gifts for Creative Kids

Here’s a collection of gifts for those crafty creators like us!

Melissa & Doug Wood Heart Craft Kit

Your creative kiddo will have so much fun decorating their own wood heart box to store all of their tiny goodies in!

LCD Doodle Board

These doodle boards are so cool. They provide endless entertainment for little artists. Draw, press the button to clear the screen, and draw again. No mess! This is a 2-pack for $9.99!

Heart & Bear Building Blocks

This set is adorable for Valentine’s Day. It’s more affordable than the Lego V-day sets!

Water Bottle Decorating Kit

This is an adorable kit for the sporty and the girly girl! She’ll never mistake someone else’s water bottle for hers again!

Valentine’s Puzzle for Toddlers

This is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for toddlers. It will help develop their fine motor skills which is an essential learning activity.

Glow Star String Art w/ LED Lights

This string art star kit looks so cool! Your kiddo will have fun making it, and then it can double as a nightlight with 30 LEDs!

Flower Garden Building Block Set

Why buy flowers that will just wilt and die? With this set your kids can build a flower garden that will last forever! Your little one will love playing like their siblings do with Legos!

Lego Rose & Chocolate Box

This heart and chocolate box set is too cute! I’m sure any girl that enjoys Legos will love it!

Water Bottle Decorating Kit for Boys

Don’t worry. Your son won’t be jealous for long when he opens his own DIY water bottle decorating kit.

Animal Valentine’s Puzzles

This puzzle costs a few dollars more, but I thought the little animals were too cute not to add it! I love the sweet little elephant and giraffe!

2023 Valentine’s Squishmallows & Other Toys

Squishmallows are HUGE right now! It’s not just little kids that are playing with them. Even tweens and teens are collecting the cute little guys! They’ve released their Valentine’s 2023 line, and they’re just as cute as ever! The prices are fluctuating on Amazon, so grab them when the prices are low. Every day they swap out which ones are $12-19, so come back by and grab the ones that are one sale immediately!

Cinnamon the Shake

This is Cinnamon (a milkshake) and she’s a steal at $12 right now! This cutie was $17.92, so snatch it up today!

Aneta the Lobster

Aneta the lobster would be cute for boys or girls. Grab it up while it’s under $20!

Shantira the Pterodactyl

A pterodactyl with a cup of hot chocolate. How adorable!

Eiko Octopus

If you have boy who likes these stuffed animals, this one is too cute. Not to mention it’s less than $12!

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Fidget toys are another popular gift right now. These infinity cubes are so fun to twist and push around. There are several styles available.

Customized Teddy Bear

What’s Valentine’s Day without a stuffed animal? This bear can be personalized with a name.

Scarlet the Strawberry

You HAVE to scoop this one up! It’s only $14.92! My husband’s 12-year-old daughter loves these.

Chanel Cinnamon Roll

Chanel the cinnamon roll is too sweet. Today it is less than $20. A few days ago, it was $25.

Stevon the Puppy

This little puppy is perfect for our dog loving babies!

Nitro the Shark

This is the final 2023 Valentine’s Squishmallow that’s under $20. It’s another one that would be cute for boys.

3 Pack Fidget Poppers

This set comes with three Valentine’s shaped pop-its and Valentine’s Day cards that you can add to your child’s gift.

Stuffed K-9

If you’re a law enforcement family like us, this personalized K-9 is a great Valentine’s Day gift for any child!

Active Valentine’s Day Gifts for kids

It’s so important for our kids to get enough exercise. Pediatricians recommend at least 60 minutes of exercise every day. These gifts will help your child get those important minutes in in a fun way!

My First Pogo Stick for Girls

This is an adorable gift that will help your child develop their gross motor skills. Isn’t this princess design adorable?! There are others available to choose from.

Pogo Balance Ball

These pogo bounce balls are so cool, and your kiddo will have a blast on it! They have red too.

22″ Hopper Ball Ages 10 & Up

Hopper balls are so much fun. They can be used indoors and outdoors. I used to play with my daughter on hers when she was little! More colors available. Here’s a 20″ ball that’s for ages 7-9.

Light-up Hopper Ball

This hopper ball has light-up balls inside that create a show with little balls inside the hopper as your child jumps. Double fun! For ages 3-9.

Pink Stay-n-Play Chair

These active chairs are perfect for all my homeschooling momma’s out there! Your little one can burn off excess energy while sitting and working.

My First Pogo Stick for Boys

I had to include this little police pogo stick because that’s what we’re about here at Life as a LEO Wife! There are several other designs and colors too.

Pogo Ball with Graphics

I’m not including this pogo ball in our number of 45 Valentine’s gifts for kids because it’s $26.99, not under $20. It I just wanted to show you one that’s a little more aesthetically pleasing.

18″ Hopper Ball Ages 3-9

They have two size options for this ball, small (3+) and medium (6+). It comes with a pump and a measuring tape to make sure it’s properly inflated. More designs available, including this one for boys.

28″ Hopper Ball for Teens & Adults

This ball is for ages 13 and up. You can hop on too and get a workout (& trust me it IS a workout!). Here’s an emoji ball and a blue tie dye that boys may like.

Blue Stay-n-Play Chair

Here’s a blue chair, and here’s a green one for a few dollars less. I can vouch for learning from active chairs. My son’s 3rd grade teacher gave him one, and he did amazing that year!

Educational Valentine’s Gifts for Kids

Any time you can combine playing with education, it’s a win! Here are a few Valentine’s Day gifts for kids that love to learn while they play.

Monkey Balance Math Toy

It’s never too early to learn math! Your child places the number on one side of the scale and then the correct number of monkeys on the other so the scale balances. I think it’s too stinking cute!


This is a portable microscope that your child can bring with them to inspect leaves and bugs and other items outside!

50+ Laboratory Experiments Kit

This kit contains more than 50 Earth science, chemistry, and other science experiments. I would’ve loved this as a kid!

Electric Drill & Bold Toy

I had to include this drill because I recently heard a talk about how it’s so important to let kids, especially boys learn with tools very young. They said it’s a lost skill that will come back to bite us when we no longer have those basic skills.

Build a Robot Kit

This robot building kit would be fun to do with your older child. What kid doesn’t want a robot?!

Crime Scene Investigation Kit

This fingerprint and other crime scene investigation kit looks like fun! Great for all of our future LEO’s out there!

Valentine’s Day Clothes for Kids

Schools usually have a Valentine’s dress up day for kids when they have their parties. After school you can get some adorable pictures of your kids in these sweet V-day outfits!

Valentine’s Raglan LS Shirts

I love baseball style shirts. They have several different designs.

Daddy’s Valentine

This is a sweet little shirt. They have Mommy too!

Video Game Shirt

Here’s a shirt for all those gamers out there. They have eight colors to choose from.

Toddler Outfit for Girls

This is such a sweet little outfit! I wish I had a baby!

Girls’ Raglan Valentine’s Shirts

How cute is this?! They have them in sizes 6 months up to 5T and in several colors.

Valentine Shark DooDooDoo

You’ll be singing Baby Shark all day with this tee!

Dabbing Heart

This adorable dabbing heart is perfect for all our cool, dancing kiddos. They have 8 different colors.

Toddler Outfit for Boys

I love this! It’s a play on “Mr. Steal Your Girl!”

I hope you’ve found the perfect gift for this year!

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