Christmas Bathroom Décor

I like to decorate every room in our house for Christmas. I love this time of year, so many great memories are made. We only have a few more years of those fun “kid memories” left. Magic memories!

Last year I found a cute silver & white snowflake shower curtain bundle with two memory foam floor mats at Marshall’s. So a blue & silver theme was born.

I started with the mirror. I hung a snowflake and blue bow garland at the top of it which runs the length of the mirror. This was a DIY garland and you can get the tutorial for it here.

In our guest bathroom, the counter runs the length of the of the room just like the mirror. The sink is the only thing on the counter, that leaves about 4 ft of empty counter space. So much space to decorating! On the opposite side of the sink, I placed a 1 ft faux Christmas tree from the Dollar Tree. Some time in the past few years of unpacking at Christmas to packing it back up after, the tree stand got lost. I made a stand for it the best I could. I put it in a glass jar and pushed a towel around the tree inside the jar to make it stand upright. Then I made it its own tree skirt using a blue silk blanket around the jar, extending up to the bottom branches. Next I decorated it with small silver glitter and blue ball ornaments. For the “star” at the top, I placed a silver and blue snowman ornament.

To add to the look of the tree, I added some “presents.” I wrapped three small square candles with blue cardstock paper with silver ribbons.

This decoration cost me $0. That’s right, nothing! I bought the tree five years ago for $1. The silver glitter ornaments were also from Dollar Tree at the same time as the tree. The blue ornaments were given to me by my mom about seventeen years ago when I was starting out on my own. I rarely throw away something I could one day use or upcylce one day.

In the middle of the counter a put a blue snowflake shaped tray. I filled it with cinnamon scented pinecones from Michael’s and a votive candle. It smells so good!

Since we have to wash our hands more often with covid going around, I bought a Christmas themed three pack of hand soaps. I put the snowman in this bathroom to match the snowflakes and the snowman at the top of the tree.

To the left of the sink I put a vase that I made last Christmas. I added blue and silver ball ornaments like on the tree and some wired ribbon. On the hand towel rack and the long towel rack over the toilet, I placed white hand towels with “O Come Let Us Adore Him” in silver. I also added some embellishments to the extra toilet paper on the back of the toilet. I will be adding the tutorial for these either later tonight or in the morning.

Once I place the bathroom rugs, one in front of the toilet and the other in front of the sink, I hung the silver with white snowflakes shower curtain. There are twelve slots where the hooks are. On the middle three hooks I added silver glitter ball ornaments.

Now you have seen our guest bathroom Christmas decor.

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