To make an Easter egg garland you need plastic eggs with holes at each end, twine, 1.5" ribbon, yarn, wreath form, & scissors.

Wrap the Dollar Tree styrofoam wreath with the yarn of your choice.

Make felt rosettes.

Cut a sq-oval shape, then cut a spiral shape from the outside to the center.

Roll the felt into a rosette...

and hot glue the inside circle to the bottom to secure it.

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Hot glue the rosettes to the wreath.

Glue a length of twine to each side of the wreath.

Chalk paint Easter eggs then string them on the twine.

Sting on wood beads, then eggs, alternating back and forth.

Attach another length of twine to the other side of the wreath & continue adding Easter eggs & beads to the garland.

Make two bows & attach them to each end of the Easter egg garland.

Be sure to head over to the full post & pin the tutorial for later!

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Put the top on the egg by passing the twine through the middle and out the top.

Continue adding plastic Easter eggs....

...until you're happy with the length.

Tie knots on each end of the Easter egg garland.

I tied several knots on top of each other so it didn't slip out.

Add hot glue over the knot to keep it in place.

Bow tutorials are available in the blog post!

Make a large loopy bow & place it in the center of the Easter egg garland.

Now hang your adorable Easter garland!

Be sure to head over to the full post to pin it for later!

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