Make a farmhouse style crate shelf with a few Dollar Tree supplies!

Remove the jute ropes & sand the arrows.

Add E6000 to a side of one of the crates

& place it at the tip of one of the arrows

Add E6000 to a second crate & place it at the bottom of the arrow.

Make sure the first 2 crates are evenly placed, then add E6000 to the final Dollar Tree crate.

This is how the Dollar Tree crates should be glued to the arrow.

Add E6000 to the side of each crate.

...& place the second arrow on top.

Place something heavy on top & allow the glue to dry.

I opted to do a faux stain which I give you the tutorial for in my DIY tea towel ladder.

Paint or stain your Dollar Tree crate shelf.

Dip a towel in water

then into brown or black paint.

Wipe on brown, white, black, &/or gray with water until you're happy with the color.

This is how my faux stain looked!

You can use your shelf in the kitchen, office, or bathroom!

Next up, farmhouse storage jar set!

Choose 3 Dollar Tree storage jars & a wood sign to use as the tray.

Poke a hole through the middle of the jar lids.

Brush Mod Podge on the Dollar Tree storage jar lid, then smooth burlap on top.

Make sure the sides are covered as well. 

Add another coat of Mod Podge on top of the jar lid. Repeat with 2 more lids. 

Add an optional layer of lace to the middle storage jar.

Screw in a decorative knob. I got mine from Dollar Tree.

Place the jars on a wood sign that sits off the counter a bit .

Fill with q-tips, cotton balls, hair ties, etc.