This lip balm keychain is so easy to make, perfect for new sewers! All you need is 2 small fabric pieces, fabric interfacing, and a key ring.

First iron your fabric & mark it with a fabric pencil to cut. The measurements are in the full tutorial.

Fold the fabric to cut 2 pieces at once, then cut along your marks.

Cut a piece of interfacing to the measurements in the full tutorial.

Follow the interfacing instructions to adhere it to the fabric.

Fold your small fabric piece in half & crease. Then open it & fold each side to the center crease.

Sew the long sides of the tab closed, then fold it in half.

Mark 3/8" around all sides of the fabric. That helps show the inner rectangle that you will sew along, helping to make the corners perfect for newbie sewers.

Pin the tab you sewed to the marked fabric with the raw edges up & just a smidge past the top.

Pin the other piece of fabric to these, right sides facing in.

Sew the pieces of the fabric lip balm holder together, skipping 1" in middle for flipping it right-side out. When you're done, flip the lip balm keychain inside out.

If everything looks right, flip it inside out again & trim the corners to remove bulk, then iron the seams.

Flip it & iron the edges so they are neat.

Fold 2 1/4" of the fabric up and iron a crease.

Pin the lip balm fabric keychain in place.

Finally, sew the two sides closed or top stitch the 3 sides. (leaving the bottom open). Insert a keyring in the tab.

That's it! Insert a Chapstick & your easy fabric key fob wristlet keychain is complete!