This DIY Dollar Tree outdoor plant stand is super easy to make with only a wire trellis, a baking sheet, contact paper, & 2 pieces of 12" DT wood.

First paint the top section of the wire trellis with chalk paint.

Use pliers to bend the trellis into a stand for plants. 

Either cut the 2 extending wires off or bend them in to fit under the baking sheet.

Place the baking sheet on the trellis to make sure the wires aren't showing.

Now cut a piece of contact paper to fit the baking sheet.

Smooth the contact paper on the baking sheet with a credit card to make a place to sit the outdoor plants.

Add cotton rope under the lip of the baking sheet.

Cut the 2 12" pieces of wood in half. Dollar Tree sells hack saws if you don't have one.

Paint the 4 pieces of wood to match your DIY outdoor plant stand.

Place E6000 or other super glue on the wires of the metal trellis.

Place the baking sheet on the glued trellis.

Next. glue the painted wood onto the corners of the outdoor plant stand.

When you have all 4 legs on, place something heavy on the plant stand to hold them down while the glue dries.

You can add an optional sign to the trellis if you'd like.

Finally, place plants on your outdoor plant stand.