For a dog bed you need a large basket. Mine has a 15" clearing from the bottom of the basket to the bottom of the handle. Mine came from the thrift store.

Clean the basket with soap & water. I used a Clorox wipe for my health, but it's not necessary.

Sand off the dark stain as much as possible.

Wipe off any dust and leftover dirt.

Spray paint the basket with chalk spray paint.

When the basket dries, give it a second coat. Seal it if necessary.

Sand strategic spots to give it the farmhouse distressed look.

Add blankets or other cushioning to the bottom of the basket.

I placed blankets in mine because this initially started off as just a decor blanket holder!

She decided this was her new bed!(She needed a haircut here!) 

You could add a small dog bed to the bottom of the basket if you'd like...

...or add Polyfill to a small blanket and sew it closed to add to the dog bed basket.

Head over & pin the tutorial for later!

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