It can take more than an hour to soak off gel nail polish with acetone. Then you can become tempted to remove it by picking it off which damages your nails severely!

I am an Amazon affiliate. If you purchase through my link I will get a tiny commission at NO additional cost to you. Thank you so much!!

I am an Amazon affiliate. If you purchase any of the items from my links I may receive a very small commission at no additional cost to you! Thank you for helping me bring you free printables, tutorials, home decor, & more!

Last week I shared how to give yourself a salon worthy at home gel manicure for $0.50 every 2 weeks, instead of the $60-65 it would cost in a salon.  Today I'm sharing how to remove it to prep for the next mani.

The first step in removing your gel nail polish is to remove the shiny top coat using a nail file. You don't have to go very deep, just scuff it up. This step is a MUST. 

Next, apply the liquid latex around your nails to protect the skin from the gel removal product.

Now apply the gel polish remover. It will look a little lumpy, but that's normal.

Allow the product to sit on the nails for at least 3 minutes. This is what it will look like after about 2 minutes.

And after 3 minutes it will look like this.

Now use the metal cuticle pusher tool to remove the gel nail polish. It should push off easily.

And that's it! Here are my nails with the gel manicure completely removed with NO damage to my nails & it only took me about 5 minutes!

Now that your nails are unpainted, you can use my at home gel polish tutorial to create another beautiful mani & save yourself $$! Head to the full post to get that tutorial!