This gorgeous coastal farmhouse flag is a dupe of one that costs more than $250! You can make your own for under $20!

Remove the staples from the backs of six 8x10 stretched canvases (or larger or you could go smaller if you needed to).

Remove the canvases.

Fill any holes on the frames with spackle.

Tape off stripes on 5 canvases with painter's tape.

Paint the stripes red & dry brush some white on after.

Paint the last canvas blue. I added some robin's egg blue strokes to match my coastal farmhouse decor.

If you're going for a coastal farmhouse look, paint a few starfish white. If not, use regular stars.

Carefully line up all 5 striped canvases and tape them down for the moment.

Flip the canvases & staple them on the back of the frames.

Cut off the excess canvas with a rotary cutter.

Attach the frames together.

Glue the starfish on the blue canvas, & that's it! See the finished project in the full post!