This patriotic star wreath is so easy, & you can make 2 for less than $4! All you need is a few Dollar Tree supplies!

First iron the patriotic print bandanas from Dollar Tree.

You won't need the entire bandana so if you have a print with pieces you'd like to use on other DIY patriotic decor, you can cut them out like this.

Place the patriotic bandana under the star wreath form, both facedown.

Cut around the star wreath leaving about 3-4" for wrapping the fabric around the back.

This is what you'll have when you're finished.

Put hot glue on the outer wire of the wreath form at tip of the star & wrap the patriotic fabric around it..

Glue the fabric to all of the star wreath's tips.

Cut slits in the fabric that come almost to the wreath form  at each of the angles where the wires meet after forming the points. Basically at the "V."

Now hot glue the rest of the patriotic bandana to the outer wires of the star wreath form.

If you have a lot of excess fabric, you can cut it off.

You can make 2 of these super easy patriotic star wreaths for $3.75 with Dollar Tree supplies! What more could you ask for?!

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