Some items you may need for DIY coastal summer decor are wood beads, canvases, starfish, twine, & sisal rope from Dollar Tree.

This coastal farmhouse flag is stunning, perfect for summer,  & has been featured across the web thousands of times!

This high end $169 piece can be made for $15!

Remove the canvases & stain the frames of all six.

Paint the canvases in the American flag pattern with lighter colors added for the coastal farmhouse decor look.

Carefully line up the canvases & reattach them to the frames. Then attach the frames to each other.

See the result & get the rest of the tutorial ii the full post!

First cut thick packing cardboard to my measurements.

Attach them together.

Wood planter centerpieces are $80 & up, but I show you how to make a faux planter for free!

Cover the centerpiece with coastal fabric or cardstock. Yes, Dollar Tree has coastal fabric this year!

Attach a starfish to the front and fill it with flowers or mason jars filled with shells & flowers or place floral foam inside & fill with flowers. Now you have a gorgeous coastal summer decor piece with free &  Dollar Tree items!

This is a super easy Dollar Tree DIY to use for summer or any season. Spray paint the shells & 2 BBQ skewers. Press the skewers in the foam dice.

Cover the dice with coastal fabric & place a shell & skewer in each one.

These buoys are perfect coastal farmhouse decor made with dry floral foam blocks from Dollar Tree.

Cover the carved foam buoys with Mod Podge.

Use painter's tape to paint stripes in your color choices.

Add rope & your coastal farmhouse buoys are ready for summer decor!

This coastal rope wreath is one of my most popular posts, especially for summer! All you need is Dollar Tree rope!

Braid 6 pieces of rope together.

Wind the braided rope around a wreath frame (I made my own) & glue it in place.

Embellish your DIY summer wreath however you'd like!

These mason jar containers are perfect for bringing coastal decor into your bathroom this summer. Add 2 soap pumps to use in your kitchen for dish soap and hand soap!

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