For this shiplap sign you need a Dollar Tree 4x6 canvas, craft glue, & craft sticks.

Remove the canvas & sand the wood frame.

Stain or paint the frame. I faux "stained" mine. Check out the tutorial for instructions!

Paint the craft sticks with white chalk paint.

There are 2 ways to make the "shiplap." 

Hot glue the craft sticks to the back frame.


Continue gluing them side by side until the frame is covered.

With Dollar Tree craft sticks the shiplap may be uneven.

If that bothers you, move to option 2.

Add glue to the edges of the craft sticks

then place them side by side & hold them together until they dry.

Glue two sticks in a X on the back to hold them neatly together.

Paint the shiplap white.

Sand the shiplap in random places to distress it.

Hot glue the shiplap onto the back of the frame.

Easy, right?!

Now you just need to embellish the shiplap sign.

Cut a piece of lavender from a faux bunch & add hot glue on the tip.

Wrap twine around the stem

& tie a bow at the top.

Glue the lavender in the shiplap frame. You could also glue a clothes pin in it & add a picture!

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