All you need for a DIY Mad Hatter hat is my free printable template, cardboard, & moss.


Download & print my free printable hat template & decorations.

Cut out the hat & the 10/6 design.

Cut out the cardboard hat.

Add a thick layer of glue to the cardboard.

Mod Podge doesn't work well for this. See the video tutorial in the post!

Press moss onto the cardboard.

Now add a band to the hat.

Hot glue the band in place.

Slide the 10/6 sign into the Mad Hatter's hat band.

Now create a tray or other place to proudly display your DIY Mad Hatter hat!

Place my free printable Alice in Wonderland sign in a 2.5x3.5 frame.

Place teacups, saucers, & other tea party themed items on your tray.

Head over to the post to pin the full tutorial for later!