This gorgeous coastal farmhouse lantern is a dupe of one that costs more than $75! You can make your own for under $5!

Remove the hangers & fill the holes left.

Cut the 2' panels with the coastal shapes in half. Measure & mark them at 12".

Dollar Tree wood is notorious for not being the exact same size or ever exactly 2'. That will cause the 2 pieces to not be the same size. Cut the excess 1/4" or so off.

Use the properly cut piece to cut the second 2' panel. This will be the sides of the coastal farmhouse lantern. Sand the cuts smooth.

Paint the sides. It took me 8 coats of white chalk paint to cover the dark blue.

Paint the back panel of a square Dollar Tree sign (the ones with the wood bead handles) & remove the handle.

Add Beacon Quick Grip to the edge of one of the painted sides to begin assembling the coastal farmhouse lantern.

Place a second side against the Quick Grip. Sit the two pieces up & that will make keep them together.

Add glue to the edge of one of the sides .

Place a 3rd side onto the coastal farmhouse lantern. You want the 2 plain sides facing & the 2 nautical cutout sides facing.

Add glue to the edges of both sides of the final piece of wood & place it on the DIY lantern.

Press on the right side of the 4th side & you'll have the base of your coastal lantern complete.

Place the lantern upside down on the 3rd panel from your supplies. Mark a line to cut along.

Add Quick Grip around the top of the coastal lantern & place the piece you cut on top.

Paint the edges of the top. Then glue on your painted square sign. See the post for why you have to have both on top.

Add a bow then top with a sea shape: starfish, anchor, sand dollar, etc. Use wired ribbon! I was out, but I have since updated w/ a better ribbon. See post for finished project!