Make a wreath you can change up a little to use all year long with chunky yarn & a wire wreath form!

Wrap the yarn from the back and around the front twice.

Lift the front above the form & pull a loop through it on the 2nd pass.

Hold open the slip knot.

Wrap the yarn around the back of the wreath & pull it through the slip knot.

Pull the yarn through the back.

Continue until the wreath is covered with the chunky yarn.

Cut excess yarn off leaving the loop...

...then tie a knot with the loop.

This is the wreath from the back. Head over to the post for a full video tutorial.

Fluff the yarn & make sure the wreath form is covered.

Make a loopy bow (tutorial on the blog!) & attach it to the wreath with a pipe cleaner.

Thread ribbon through the hole in your monogram letter. 

Run the ribbon around the wires of the wreath form.

Tie a bow on the front of the letter.

Head over & pin the tutorial for later!!