$180-$279 Pottery Barn Decorative Mirror Set DUPE for only $15!

To make this decorative mirror set you need: 4 decorative mirrors from Dollar Tree, 4 12x12 canvases, & a few more items.

These $280 decorative mirror sets are nice, but you can make them for much less with my full tutorial!

First remove canvases from four 12x12 canvases.

cover the mirror in painter's tape

paint with chalk paint


Fill slats & holes in frames

Sand frames.


stain or paint the frames

Reattach canvases to the wood frames.

Cut excess canvas from the frames. You can do this before or after stapling. I like to do it after with a rotary cutter.

If you prefer, you can cut before attaching the canvas to the back of the frame.


remove the painter's tape & attach mirrors to the canvas.

See the full project with 4 mirrors & how to attach them in the full blog post!

They look great for every season!

They look great for every season!

We're giving away $100! Who doesn't want new decor pieces or an outfit when spring rolls around?!

They look great for every season!