You can easily make your own nail art using vinyl & your Cricut! Dollar Tree vinyl works fine for this project. 

Upload your file to Design Space (see the full post for a tutorial if needed), then resize it to your desired size. Mine were .35-.45".

Remove the Cricut blade from its housing & press it into a ball of aluminum foil to remove any debris to cleanly cut tiny pieces of vinyl nail art. Place it back into the machine.

Turn your Cricut dial to "custom," then choose washi sheet as the material. That will help you cut tiny pieces.

Once your Cricut has cut the vinyl nail art, weed it carefully due to its tiny size.

Paint your nails as normal. If you're doing a gel manicure, follow all of the steps up to the 2nd coat of colored polish. Check out the full post for my gel polish tutorial.

Once you have your 2nd coat of color on, add alcohol to a sponge (not a cotton ball!) and swipe it over your nails to remove the sticky surface of the gel.

Remove the Cricut nail art from the backing. I used tweezers for this.

Place the Cricut nail art on your painted fingernail.

Press it down firmly. Your nail will not be messed up due to the alcohol.

Finally, apply the gel polish top coat to your nails & cure with the UV light. If you're not using gel, use a clear top coat to seal the Cricut nail art to your nails.