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First, prep your nails. Check out the full tutorial to see all of the steps in this process. Once prepped, trim nails, cuticles, and dead skin around nails. 

The gel polish needs something to grip onto, so it's best to scuff up your nails a bit with a fine grit nail file. That will extend your at home gel manicure by a week at least.

Wash your hands thoroughly then apply a coat of nail primer if your kit came with one. No UV light is needed for this step.

Next, apply a light coat of gel polish base coat, then cure under a UV light. See the full post for application tips & time under light.

Now apply a light coat of your colored gel polish & cure under a UV light. See post for length of time.

Brush on a 2nd light coat of the same color followed by curing under the UV light. See the full post for tips on how to paint your nails neatly & how to remove oopsies.

Finally, apply a layer of top coat and cure under the UV light.

Now it's time to pamper your hands! Apply cuticle oil on your nail beds and on the skin around the nails.