For a Halloween or other type of candlestick holder, you will need a thrift store lamp, black (or your color choice) spray paint, wire cutters, & Quick Grip.

Remove the price stickers from the lamp and clean it with soap & water.

Disassemble the thrift store lamp.

Cut & remove the wires from the thrift store lamp.

Spray paint the pieces of the lamp that will soon become your candleholder!

Due to the age & condition of this lamp, I wasn't able to just screw it back together. I used Quick Grip to glue the main portion of my lamp / candleholder to the base.

With the glue on, I placed the main part of my candleholder.

Finally, glue the portion of the lamp that held the part that held the light bulb on top to hold the candlestick. If you're using a wider candle, you can find a part of the lamp that will hold that.

Place a candle in the new candleholder to display with your Halloween decor!