Send the perfect care package to your child at summer camp with my ultimate care package guide with free printables!

Download & print one of my free printables to add to a package of glow sticks. Available for boys & girls.

Download & print one of my free printable tags for flashlights, nightlights, or other "bright" gift ideas.

Some things that you might like to add to your child's summer camp care package are snacks, cards, road trip games, flashlight, glow sticks, etc. 

To create a summer camp care package you'll need cardstock, ribbon or string, tape, a box, tissue paper, etc.

Customize a small flashlight to add to the care package. I used vinyl & cut my children's names to add above the on/off button.

Print the flashlight tags & tie them on to the flashlight. I used colored cord to match the vinyl.

They're available in 2 different styles for boys & girls.

To make cute summer camp care packages, line the box with tissue paper to match my free printable labels & package inserts.

This is our daughter's care package.

Cover the items with the tissue paper & place the printable note on top.

Tape my free printable label on the box & ship off to your child's summer camp!