You'll need a small crate, chalk paint, wood dowels, & shamrocks.

Stain or paint the wood crate.

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Measure & cut 3 wood dowels to 6".

Remove the paper from the Dollar Tree shamrocks.

Not required if you get the Amazon shamrocks.

Then paint the shamrocks with a green shade.

I used moss green.

Next paint the dowels that will be inserted into the St. Patrick's Day centerpiece white.

Print my free "lucky" design & scribble on the back of the letters with pencil.

Cut the letters apart.

Tape the letters onto the painted shamrocks.

Trace the outline of each letter.

Lift the paper to ensure the letter has transferred. If not, trace again.

The letters will be outlined on the shamrocks.

Fill in the letters with a paint pen. 

Place floral foam inside the crate.

Cover the foam with moss.

Glue the wood dowels to the back of the shamrocks.

Insert the shamrocks into the St. Patrick's Day centerpiece.