All you need is a Dollar Tree wreath form & 4 rolls of burlap!

slide "bubbles" of burlap through the wires of the shamrock wreath form

pull about 3" up


Push the "bubbles" together against the vertical wire.

iron scrap fabric like an old sheet

Then push those together.

Check out the full post for exactly how to do it.

Push the burlap together tightly & completely fill the sections between the vertical wires.

Add a new roll of burlap when you run out, just like in the beginning.

Continue adding "bubbles" of burlap between the St. Patrick's Day wreath form wires.

Keep adding burlap until it's tightly packed.

Cut off the excess burlap.

Lay the burlap over the shamrock stem & cut a piece to fit.

attach with hot glue

Embellish the wreath with a Dollar Tree scarf, ribbon, & shamrock picks!

Head over to the post to pin the full tutorial for later!